The Computational Modelling (CM) cluster has as its main objectives:
  • To establish a large, comprehensive and sustainable world-leading programme in computational modelling.
  • To nurture research ideas between its members and facilitate the transfer of knowledge to a broader community.
  • To foster collaborative and interdisciplinary research in computational modelling.
  • To engage industry, commerce and business.

The topics of interest to the CM cluster include, but are not limited to, the solution of problems concerning
(a) accurate and appropriate numerical models;
(b) accurate and efficient simulation techniques;
(c) programming methods and tools;
(d) fast implementations on the latest multi-processor computer hardware;
(e) effective analysis and visualization of results to enable the correct conclusions to be drawn.

The nominated Steering Group members are:
  • Prof Nigel John, Bangor
  • Prof Simon Cox, Aberystwyth
  • Prof David Walker, Cardiff
  • Prof Tim Phillips, Cardiff, Cluster Co-ordinator
  • Prof Ken Morgan, Swansea
  • Prof John Tucker, Swansea
  • Dr Graeme Boswell, South Wales
  • Prof Gennady Mishuris, Aberystwyth

The Cluster external advisors are:
  • Prof Mark Ainsworth, Strathclyde
  • Prof Terry Hewitt, EDS (Industrial advisor)

Please email the coordinators to register your interest in becoming a part of this cluster.


The cluster poster prepared for the International Review 2010 is here

Cluster Members

There are currently over 30 researchers from across Wales who are members of this cluster.

Members include:

Prof M Ainsworth (Strathclyde)
Prof A Balinsky (Cardiff)
Dr D Binding (Aberystwyth)
Dr J Blanck (Swansea)
Dr G Boswell (South Wales)
Prof M Brown (Cardiff)
Prof S Cox (Aberystwyth)
Prof M Cross (Swansea)
Dr T Crick (UWIC)
Dr A Mugal (Aberystwyth)
Prof M Edwards (Swansea)
Prof H P Evans (Cardiff)
Prof K Flynn (Swansea)
Dr Y Feng (Swansea)
Dr P Grant (Swansea)
Prof O Hassan (Swansea)
Prof T Hewitt (EDS)
Dr A Iantchenko (Aberystwyth)
Prof A Ivanov (Cardiff)
Prof N Jacob (Swansea))
Prof N John (Bangor)
Dr J W Jones (Swansea)
Dr M W Jones (Swansea)
Dr R Laramee (Swansea)
Dr P Ledger (Swansea)
Prof G Mishuris (ABERYSTWYTH)
Prof K Morgan (Swansea)
Dr E Muljarov (Cardiff)
Prof T Murray (Swansea)
Dr P Nithiarasu (Swansea)
Dr S Obaya (Swansea)
Dr A Orlando (Swansea)
Prof T Phillips (Cardiff)
Dr S Pop (Bangor)
Dr R Ransing (Swansea)
Prof D Smith (South Wales)
Dr W Teahan (Bangor)
Prof A Truman (Swansea)
Prof J Tucker (Swansea)
Prof D Walker (Cardiff))
Dr C Wensley (Bangor)
Prof R Wiltshire (South Wales)


The details of the partners and resources granted for this cluster are given below.
Partner Resource Person Years
Aberystwyth Professors 4
Bangor Research Fellow 3
Cardiff Research Fellows 15
Swansea Professors 4
Swansea Research Fellows 5
Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computatuional Sciences