The Mathematical Physics Cluster has members at Aberystwyth, Cardiff and Swansea working in Pure Mathematics, Mathematical Physics and Theoretical Physics.

Aberystwyth has particular expertise in Quantum Control Theory, Cardiff in Operator Algebras, Non-commutative Geometry, K-theory, Enumerative Combinatorics, Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory and Gravitation, Swansea in Lattice Gauge Theory, Quantum Field Theory, String Theory and Quantum Algebra

The Cluster day-to-day running is coordinated by the Steering Group:

Prof David E Evans (Cardiff), Cluster Co-ordinator

Dr Edwin Beggs (Swansea)

Prof Thomas Brzezinski (Swansea)

Dr Rolf Gohm (Aberystwyth)

Prof Tim Hollowood (Swansea)

Dr Christian Jaekel (Cardiff)

Dr Maurizio Piai (Swansea)

Prof Tim Porter (Bangor)


Upcoming events:

Previous events:
WIMCS MP Lectures: 22 and 23 October 2009
Volker Braun (Dublin)

WIMCS MP Colloquium: 26 February 2009
Ken Brown (Glasgow) and Richard Szabo (Edinburgh)

WIMCS MP Lectures: 12 and 13 February 2009
Joost Slingerland (Dublin)

WIMCS MP Lectures: 13 and 14 January 2009
Tim Porter (Bangor)

WIMCS Annual Meeting: 16 December 2008
MP cluster session

WIMCS MP Colloquium: 6 November 2008
Carlos Nunez (Swansea), Man-Duen Choi (Toronto) and Denjoe O’Connor (Dublin)

WIMCS MP Cluster Gathering: 5 March 2008
WIMCS MP Colloquium: 3 March 2008
Roman Kotecky (Prague and Warwick)

WIMCS MP Colloquium: 25 January 2008
Maurizio Piai (Swansea) and Terry Gannon (Edmonton)

Operator Algebras Seminar:
(organized by David E Evans (Cardiff), Edwin Beggs (Swansea) and Rolf Gohm (Aberystwyth)

Cardiff: 17 March 2009
George A Elliott (Copenhagen and Toronto) and Michael Dritschel (Newcastle)

Aberystwyth: 25 February 2009
Stuart White (Glasgow) and Joachim Zacharias (Nottingham)

Cardiff: 22 January 2009
Simon Wassermann (Glasgow), Wilhelm Winter (Nottingham) and Rolf Gohm (Aberystwyth)

The cluster poster prepared for the International Review 2010 is here

Cluster members include

Dr G Aarts (Swansea) Dr M Crossley (Swansea) Prof T Hollowood (Swansea) Dr I Papadimitriou (Swansea)
Dr C Allton (Swansea) Prof D Dunbar (Swansea) Dr C Hoyos (Swansea) Dr W Perkins (Swansea)
Dr A Armoni (Swansea) Prof G Elliott (Cardiff) Dr C Jaekel (Cardiff) Dr M Piai (Swansea)
Dr R Auzzi (Swansea) Prof D Evans (Cardiff) Prof V Jones (Cardiff) Dr A Rago (Swansea)
Dr E Beggs (SWANSEA) Dr G Evans (Aberystwyth) Dr P Kumar (Swansea) Prof G Shore (Swansea)
Dr R Behrend (Cardiff) Dr G Garkusha (Swansea) Dr B Lucini (Swansea) Dr D Farnell (Cardiff)
Prof T Brzezinski (Swansea) Dr R Gohm (Aberystwyth) Dr A Naqvi (Swansea) Dr J Ettle (Swansea)
Dr D Chakrabarti (Swansea) Prof S Hands (Swansea) Dr C Nunez (Swansea) Dr O Uuye (Cardiff)
Dr F Clarke (Swansea) PROF S Hollands (Cardiff) Prof D Olive (Swansea) Dr M Pugh (Cardiff)
Dr R Russell (CORVIL) Dr A Patella (Swansea) Prof K A Shore (Bangor) Prof T Porter (Bangor)
Dr C Koestler (Aberystwyth) Dr J Meyers (Swansea) Dr S SCHIRMER (SWANSEA) DR J GIANSIRACUSA (SWANSEA)

The details of the partners and resources granted for this cluster are given below.
Partner Resource Person Years
Cardiff Professors 4
Research Fellows 4
Swansea Research Fellows 4
Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computatuional Sciences