It is proposed that the main activities of the Institute will be coordinated around subject specific clusters. Each cluster will be led by a Research Professor, who will be assisted by Research Fellows and be appointed to help link together different groups and individuals and to forge links with other projects that can benefit from the activities of WIMCS.

Each cluster will have a planned work programme, typically including regular seminars, visiting researcher programme, networks that will be agreed by the Research Committee of WIMCS and they will have specific responsibilities to ensure that they contribute to the achievement of the aims and objectives of the Institute. A budget to organise meetings and to run a visitors programme will be provided. The regular interaction between the groups will be supported by the use of video conference and Access Node facilities that are already in place.

These clusters will completely reconfigure research in mathematical and computational sciences in Wales.


Taking into account the current strength of research groups, their geographical distribution as well as their age profile, initially there will be five research clusters:

Introduction of New Clusters

Whilst it is appropriate to identify the five clusters there will, no doubt in the future, be a requirement for new clusters to be formed. It will be the role of the Director and the Research Committee to identify future opportunities and to take the appropriate action to form new clusters. The resources for a new cluster will be sought from the partner institutions, which may contribute staff time or may choose to reconfigure their involvement in existing clusters, and external funding will be sought from such bodies as EPSRC and the EU.

Membership of the Institute

The Institute’s aims are to raise the profile of, and encourage enhanced activities in the mathematical sciences in Wales. As such, membership, in the sense of being a member of a club, is an inappropriate description. We prefer to think of membership in terms of participants who contribute to Institute activities. Hence all those who have a genuine interest in the mathematical sciences will be encouraged to contribute and make the Institute a success. In this way, those who participate will be considered to be members of the Institute.

Membership, in the sense of the above definition, is open to all staff of the partner institutions and other Welsh HEIs that have an interest in, and can contribute to, WIMCS. It is expected that participation will take place from staff not only in departments/schools directly related to the mathematical sciences, but also in disciplines which have a use for the mathematical sciences.

Membership from those outside HEIs, such as industry, business and commerce, is essential if the Institute is to meets its aims. Strong links already exist in some areas and these will be further strengthened by focused activities targeted at widening membership and involvement.

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