WIMCS, through its institutional connections with the four partner universities, and its governance structures, is uniquely placed to act as a conduit between the professional expertise of the mathematical and computational scientists working in the HE sector, and the wider community.

It has links with many Mathematicians, Scientists, Engineers and Technologists working in Business, Commerce and Industry in Wales and a panel of experienced Subject Specialists in schools who are willing to be consulted and advise us on issues of mutual concern.

A key aim of WIMCS is to invigorate the study of Mathematics and the Computational Sciences in Schools and Colleges in Wales and in this capacity it engages with:

  • Maths Teachers and Students in Secondary Education
  • Local Government Maths Advisers
  • Professional Bodies representing Mathematics and Mathematicians
  • Other Higher Education Institutes such as Schools of Education
  • Representatives of Welsh Assembly Government
leading to an even wider diversity of contacts in the areas of mathematics and computation.

Within its resources, WIMCS expects to make representations and express these understandings, with a view to encouraging appropriate policy leading to the further development of mathematical and computational expertise in Wales.

Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computatuional Sciences