Computer Science for Fun - an interesting site from Queen Mary College, London
Also try Sodarace

Millennium Mathematics Project - site from Cambridge University
Also try their Magazine pages

Games - games hosted by Royal Institution - a daily maths puzzle - made in Wales!

Understanding Uncertainty - the website of the Winton Programme based at Cambridge University

NRICH - a website for teachers and school students of all ages from Cambridge University

Bowland Maths - imaginative resources for teaching mathematics

Teaching and Learning resources - for schools in Welsh and English including maths

Skill Math - a range of resources including the earliest known uses of some of the words of mathematics and a free interactive tutorial on how to use the Internet for mathematics

Computer Animations for Mathematics - an interesting geometric method of solving quadratic equations with compass and ruler

Math and Logic Problems Galore - lots of links to maths and logic problems, puzzles and games

'Bite-Sized' History of Mathematics Resources - The materials on this site aim to give students some of the history which lies behind a selection of the famous names and equations in mathematics


Crucial Paradigms (Australia) - The site has some nice links to maths and science web resources (Thanks Amy in Delaware for link) - This site has links suitable for younger students (Thanks Sara in San Jose for this)


Faculty of Advanced Technology - follow link to find out about Glamorgan University's excitig programme of Maths Masterclasses for KS3 and KS4 students

Roayl Statistical Society - follow the links for Education and find out about the lecture programme for schools and the education workshops

Institute of Mathematics - follow the links for Education and find out about the free school speaker scheme

Maths Inspiration - lectures in Cardiff on 7th December 2011 and elsewhere in England

WEBSITES WITH WELSH LINKS - a daily maths puzzle


Popularisation and Teaching - from site of Professor Ronnie Brown, Bangor - this page is entitled 'popularisation and teaching' and has lots of interesting links

UK Maths Challenge, Leeds University for those who really want to test themselves

Mathematical Biographies, St Andrews University

Wolfram MathWorld - a site to explore to find out about advanced mathematics

Meikleriggs - a site for serious mathematics suitable for sixth formers


Math Careers - organised by the Council for Mathematical Sciences

Future Morph - wake up to your future with science and maths

My Dream Job - More Maths Grads 'My Dream Job' mpeg in Welsh made in collaboration with schools in North Wales

Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computatuional Sciences