The HE Sector is a major contributor to economic development regionally and nationally. The Wales Spoke workedwith Universities and employers to enable them to respond to identified higher level skills needs within the workforce.

Swansea Metropolitan University in partnership with Glyndŵr University offered the fast track level 4 progression pathway in engineering science and mathematics Through intensive teaching over 42 weeks and accreditation of prior experiential learning (APEL), students were given the opportunity to enter an engineering degree in the second year of study (level 5).


ENGAGE – STEM based learning and Employer Engagement in product design led by  Cardiff Metropolitan University worked with SMEs to provide tailor made training programmes through workshops, one to one sessions and on line provision. Employees were offered a flexible work based ‘learning escalator’ from non accredited taster sessions to accredited level 4 (first year degree level study) to level 7 (masters level study) learning modules.


UPSKILL (User driven Photonics Skills Improvement via Life-long Learning) in north Wales led by Bangor University in partnership with Aberystwyth University drew upon expertise within both Universities to support local companies in the photonics sector with bespoke training opportunities. Working in partnership with the Sector Skills Council, employer forums and the Wales Photonics Academy, this project identified the training requirements of SMEs and microenterprises.


The Steel Academy, was a part time flexible materials engineering degree programme at Swansea Metropolitan University working also with Swansea University.  This project complemented the Steel Training Research and Innovation (STRIP) project which aims to deliver 30 Doctorial and 48 Masters places across Wales.


Case studies of workforce up-skilling projects may be downloaded from below:


Bangor CAMPUS Photonics Matrix

Legacy Project Swansea Metropolitan and Glyndwr

PTA SMU Parttime Materials Eng Degree

PTA Swansea Metropolitan Fast Track L4 Progression Pathway

RAP Aberystwyth UPSKILL Photonics

RAP Bangor UPSKILL Photonics

RAP Cardiff Metropolitan Engage

RAP Swansea Metropolitan Steel Academy

RAP UHOVI STEM Employment Engagement


Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computatuional Sciences