WIMCS will be under the overall administrative control of Swansea University which will manage the grant and financial reporting to HEFCW. The Research and Innovation Office at the University will provide the necessary support for project management.

The management and administrative structure of the Institute is shown below.

Executive Commitee

The Executive Committee is the governing body of the Institute. The membership consists of:

  1. The Chair
  2. Director of Finance from Swansea
  3. Director of the Institute
  4. One representative from each of the four partner institutions. These will be the Heads of the Schools/Departments of Mathematics.
  5. One Pro-Vice-Chancellor from each partner institution

The Chair will be a Vice-Chancellor from one of the partner institutions, the position being held for 1 year and rotating between the VCs of the partner institutions in turn. For the first year, the Chair will be held by the Vice-Chancellor of Swansea. The Executive Committee will meet at least once per year. The Institute Administrator will act as secretary to the Committee.

The Executive Committee has responsibility for overall programme management, finance monitoring, resource utilization, quality assurance and reporting to HEFCW.

Research Committee

The Research Committee consists of:
  1. The Chair
  2. The Administrator of WIMCS
  3. The Co-ordinator of each of the Subject Clusters
  4. One representative from each of the four partner institutions
  5. Three distinguished external researchers from the fields of the Mathematical Sciences

The Chair will be the Director of the Institute. The Research Committee will be responsible, to the Executive Committee, for the financial management of WIMCS. The Committee will meet at least once a term.

The Research Committee will be responsible for the scientific programme, ensuring that the clusters are initially formed and then operating effectively.


The Directorship of the Institute is a part-time post, held at Swansea. The Director will:
  1. Chair the Institute’s Research Committee.
  2. Be responsible to the Executive Committee for the Institute’s activities.
  3. Direct the Institute in its activities and has the responsibility for raising the profile of WIMCS with external agencies, such as the Research Councils, Government Agencies, Professional Bodies, industry, business and commerce.
  4. Be invited to be a member of appointments panels for WIMCS-funded professorial posts. Take responsibility for ensuring that cluster coordinators are appointed.

The position of Director will be for 5 years, in the first instance.


Each Cluster consists of:
  1. A Coordinator
  2. A Steering Group
  3. Membership to be open to those appointed to a cluster together with individuals in the institutions who wish to participate in the activities of the cluster.

The Cluster are responsible to the Research Committee and Institute Director for delivering the cluster work programme. Each Cluster has a steering group that will have the responsibility to coordinate the activities within the subject cluster.

Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computatuional Sciences