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08 October 2015
4 lecture course on 'Categorical braid group actions and a representation of tangle calculus' at Cardiff School of Mathematics 1) Thurs 15 Oct 15.10; 2) Fri 16 Oct 11.10; 3) Thurs 22 Oct 15.10; 4) Fri 23 Oct 16.10

30 September 2015
The dates for 2016 Gregynog Wales Mathematics Colloquium Meeting are 23-25th May. For more info please click on Gregynog link in information tab

03 September 2015
The Administrator's Contract ends on 21st October 2015. After this date, until further notice, please contact the Heads of Maths at the Partner Universities for information about WIMCS.

20 August 2015
Bath WIMCS Analysis Day on 25th September from 9.30am at Cardiff. Further details click on link below

Details here

09 June 2015
Two day 'New Appointments' celebration event at University of South Wales on 23rd and 30th June. Sessions on Combinatorics and cryptography, Numerically modelling the atmosphere, Operational Research, Group Theory. Further details click on link below

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26 May 2015
Second LMS-Bath-WIMCS Analysis Day at 10am on Wed 27th May. Further details including how to register click on link below

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07 May 2015
On 21st May at 15.10 Talk by Prof Neil Sloane, FLSW, (Rutgers and OEIS)at Cardiff School of Mathematics.

Professor Sloane's Title is: My Favourite Integer Sequences, or, Confessions of a Sequence Addict

24 March 2015
On 16th March the Big Bang Engineering Awards at the Celtic Manor Newport were made. Prof. Paul Harper, Cardiff presented the 'WIMCS' Maths Award to a team from Cynffig School Sixth Form whose project involved automating the packaging of Raspberry Pis. Picture links below.

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05 March 2015
International Workshop on Stochastic Analysis and Risk Management in Financial Markets at School of Mathematics, Cardiff on Friday 8th May. Further details including how to register click on link below

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26 February 2015
The WIMCS Maths Apps Roadshow Programme supported by a Welsh Government NSA Grant and using Science Made Simple (Cardiff) Presenters has been successfully completed. It is estimated that in the last year 11000 year 7s, 8s and 9s saw the Roadshow at 33 schools across Wales. The evaluation report can be found using link below.

Details here

12 February 2015
WIMCS has sponsored the Maths Award at this year School's Big Bang Event taking place at the Celtic Manor Resort Newport on 16th March where Professor Paul Harper, WIMCS and Cardiff, will be attending to make presentation.

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10 February 2015
WIMCS Is delighted that the Further Maths Support Programme Wales Conference (a Programme initiated in Wales by WIMCS) at Swansea on 12th March will be visited by Huw Lewis AM, Minister for Education and Skills.

06 January 2015
The 2015 Wales Mathematics Colloquium Meeting is from 18-20th May at Gregynog. See WIMCS Gregynog page for details.

13 November 2014
WIMCS members working on the theory and applications of quantum mechanics are encouraged to follow the link below to QYMRU. Qymru aims are to coordinate and foster collaboration between researchers in Wales to support projects in basic science as well as turning quantum physics into quantum technology via engineering; to strengthen research capability within Wales and enable large scale, internationally leading research projects; to raise the overall profile of quantum physics and technologies and their potentially paradigm-shifting impact on business, government and society.They have an active events programme.

Details here

13 June 2014
Swansea Engineering has a halfday workshop entitled "Bridging the gap between computational geometry and analysis" on Thursday 10th July that may be of interest to WIMCS Members.

Details here

22 May 2014
Soapbox Science at Swansea on Sat July 5th - Encouraging Women into Science and Mathematics- Organisers and Speakers include Dr Elaine Crooks and Dr Sofia Lyakhova

This public engagement event is from 11am to 3pm and focuses on the challenges for women pursuing research careers.

Details at here

22 May 2014
Workshop on Innovations in HE Mathematics Teaching 7th and 8th July 2014, Cardiff University

This 2-day workshop will introduce delegates to innovative approaches to teaching mathematics in higher education settings. In particular there will be masterclasses on two methods: inquiry based learning and flipped classrooms combined with plenty of opportunities for delegates to experience these methods in practice and reflect on ways in which they might be embedded within their own teaching. We are delighted to have expert speakers from the UK and US share with us how they are using such methods within their own HE teaching.

Full details here

01 April 2014
LMS Joint Research Groups Workshop on Stochastic Processes on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th April in Rm224 Dept of Mathematics Swansea

Full details here

27 March 2014
Interdisciplinary lecture at Aberystwyth by Prof John Dempsey (Clarkson University, USA) titled 'Fracture of Sea Ice in the Arctic and Antarctic' on Thursday 17th April

All welcome. Full details here

18 March 2014
A new seminar series 'The Swansea Biomaths Colloquiums' will begin on Friday 21st March in Room 224 Talbot Building Swansea at 3pm The Speaker for the first talk "Blood and Blastocysts: mathematical ecological thinking on developmental biology" is Dr. Michael Bonsall (Department of Zoology, University of Oxford)

Further talks are planned for 11th April, 16th May and 30th May

For further information contact Dr Elaine Crooks here

28 January 2014
Bookings are now open for BAMC 2014 taking place at Cardiff from 28-30 April

Full details here

07 January 2014
The 2014 Gregynog Maths Colloquium Meeting is from 19th to 21st May this year.

More details and how to apply here

24 October 2013
Interdisciplinary Lecture - Ruling the Waves: from Photonic Crystals to Metamaterials - Prof Ross McPhedran (Sydney and Liverpool) at Aberystwyth on 14th Nov at 16:10

Full details here

24 October 2013
LMS-WIMCS Analysis Day in Cardiff on Wednesday 15 January 2014

Full details here

22 October 2013
Workshop on Combinatorial Physics in Cardiff from 17-19 December 2013

Full details here

17 October 2013
Conference on Optimal Decisions in Statistics and Data Analysis in Cardiff from 16-18 December 2013

A conference on the occasion of the 60th Birthday of Professor Anatoly Zhigljavsky

Full details here

15 October 2013
Pythagoras Day (for over 16s!) on 5th December at Ceredigion Museum, Aberystwyth - This event is organised with the assistance of university staff members from IMPACS

Full details here

8 October 2013
WIMCS has today received a 34k grant from the National Science Academy Wales to take its Roadshow 'Maths Apps' to schools in Wales in 2014.

WIMCS and its partners Science Made Simple, Cardiff will take the show, which targets years 8 and 9, to 32 secondary schools

The show works round short videos of people in Wales using Maths in their jobs with the presenter expanding on the maths techniques used.

For further information contact WIMCS at administrator

8 October 2013
Dr Mark Kelbert (Swansea and WIMCS) and Professor Yuri Suhov (Cambridge) 's book 'Information Theory and Coding by Example' has just been published

It is aimed at undergraduates and graduates, as well as researchers and engineers who want to study the topic from first principles.

Full details here

10 September 2013
Memorial Meeting to Professor Vitali Liskevich: Semigroup Theory and Nonlinear PDEs at Swansea 27-28th September Speakers include: Michiel van den Berg (Bristol)Brian Davies (London)Yuri Netrusov (Bristol)Michael Rockner (Bielefeld)Peter Stollmann (Chemnitz)Hendrik Vogt (Hamburg)Jurgen Voigt (Dresden)

Full details here

03 September 2013
WIMCS-LMS Conference: Classifying Structures for Operator Algebras and Dynamical Systems at Aberystwyth 16-20th September

Full details here

18 April 2013
LMS Workshop April 19th at Swansea on Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis and Probability

Details here

10 April 2013
WIMCS Operator Algebras Workshop 12/13 April at Swansea

Speakers: Vaughan Jones (Vanderbilt), Tomasz Brzezinski (Swansea), Gwion Evans (Aber), Rolf Gohm (Aber), Robin Hillier (Cardiff), Mathew Pugh (Cardiff), Claire Shelly (Cardiff), Otogo Uuye (Cardiff)

For further information contact the organiser at Prof David Evans

28 March 2013
WIMCS is pleased to advise that a new Welsh network for researchers working on or interested in quantum systems from quantum theory to applications of quantum effects and quantum control has been launched called QYMRU (www.qymru.org.uk). It is open to all from academia and industry, and its aim is to facilitate communication, to stimulate collaboration both in research and in teaching, and to promote research in the area of quantum systems and novel quantum technologies. You don't need to be a quantum physicist to join. There will be topical groups ranging from mathematical theory, computational aspects to nanoelectrons and applications of quantum control to medical imaging.

Full details (including how to join) here

19 March 2013
Joint Workshop with the Hartree Centre at Swansea titled 'Challenges and Opportunities in Computational Modelling' on Tuesday 14th May 2013

Programme details here.

12 March 2013
Distinguished lecture on 16th April at Cardiff by Sir Vaughan Jones, Vanderbilt University

Titled 'Flatland a Great Place to do Algebra' - you will need to register. Details here

12 March 2013
WIMCS Probability Colloquium on 21st March at Swansea - Prof. Jean-Claude Zambrini, University of Lisbon

This lecture titled 'Stochastic deformation and integrability' will be at 3pm in room 224, Talbot Building, Swansea

07 February 2013
The dates for the BAMC 2014 Meeting in Cardiff will be 28-30 April 2014

Details will be advised later

07 February 2013
ACME is seeking 3 new committee members

ACME has asked WIMCS to publicise its open call for new committee members

Full details here

31 January 2013
WIMCS Cluster Workshop titled 'Modern Trends in Markov Processes and Queueing Theory' on Wednesday 15th February 2013 at Cardiff

Speakers include Dr Vince Knight, Cardiff, Prof Alexander Veretennikov, Leeds, Prof Vladimir Anisimov,Glasgow, Prof Jeff Griffiths, Cardiff, Dr Julie Vile, Cardiff, Dr Denis Denisov, Manchester, Prof Alexey Kulik, Ukraine, Dr Nenad Suvak, Osijak Croatia

Programme details here.

Further information etc contact the organisers at Prof N Leonenko

15 January 2013
WIMCS Probability Colloquium on Thurs 17th January at 3pm in Robert Recorde Room, Swansea

Talk by Professor Shizan Fang of Institut de Mathematiques University of Bourgogne entitled 'On Optimal Transportation Maps'

08 January 2013
The IMA Spring Conference for Early Career Mathematicians this year is on Sat 27th April in Cardiff

Further information here

08 January 2013
Computational Modelling Workshop Tuesday 14th May 2013 to discuss research challenges and opportunities with the Hartree Centre in the areas of Environmental Modelling, Life Sciences, Materials, CFD

Some funds are available to assist a number of WIMCS members to attend

Further details contact the principal organiser Prof Ken Morgan, Swansea

Further information on Hartree Centre here

26 November 2012
Conference: Dissipative Spectral Theory: Operator Theory, PDEs and Numerics 7-10 January 2013 at Cardiff

This significant conference generously supported by the Leverhulme Trust and WIMCS will be held in Cardiff Maths. Speakers include: D. Bindel (Cornell University); G. Bouchitte (University de Toulon); D. Damanik (Rice University); D. Dauge (University de Rennes 1); M. Embree (Rice University) R. Hempel (Technical University of Braunschweig); H. Langer (Technical University of Vienna); M. Lindner (Hamburg University of Technology); B. Mityagin (Ohio State University) D. Peterseim (Humboldt University Berlin); R. Shterenberg (University of Alabama at Birmingham); V. Smyshlyaev (University College London); L.N. Trefethen (University of Oxford) V. Zhikov (Vladimir State University); E. Zuazua (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics)

Further details here

08 November 2012
Death of Professor David Olive

WIMCS is sorry to advise that WIMCS Emeritus Professor David Olive died peacefully yesterday. Our thoughts are with his family

01 November 2012
The WIMCS Maths Roadshow for Year 8s and 9s 'Maths Apps' receives WG funding.

WIMCS is delighted to announce that it has received funding from the Welsh Government through the National Science Academy (NSA) and the Higher Educational Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) to enable the subsidised delivery of its Roadshow 'Maths Apps'. Working with our main partner Science Made Simple, WIMCS aims to present the Roadshow at 24 Secondary Schools across Wales principally in the Spring Term 2013.

Working with our main partner Science Made Simple, WIMCS plans to present the Roadshow at 24 Secondary Schools across Wales principally in the Spring Term 2013.

The 50 minute 'Maths Apps' Careers Roadshow was developed with our partners Science Made Simple with EPSRC funding. It is Wales centric and focuses on 5 individuals working in Wales and the jobs they do. In filmed interviews they explain why Maths is important to their work, and the Science Made Simple Roadshow Presenter reinforces the Maths messages in interactive demonstrations that use practical applications of Maths. The jobs are wide-ranging - from running one's own business, to sports science, to hospital radiology, to developing computer games, to vehicle design.

The target audience is year 8s and 9s, and Schools are invited to apply by contacting Science Made Simple on 02920 876884 asap, as demand is likely to exceed availability.

Further information about the Roadshow including an evaluation report can be obtained by emailing s.a.williamson@swansea.ac.uk

01 November 2012
WIMCS Probability Colloquium on Thursday 1st November at 3pm Swansea University by Prof Nicolas Bouleau, ENPC, Paris

On Thursday 1st November at 3pm in Rm224, Dept of Maths, Swansea University Professor Nicolas Bouleau (ENPC Paris) will talk on Chaotic extensions and a particle method for Brownian motion

02 October 2012
Mathematical Physics Seminar on Thursday 4th October at 3pm Cardiff University by Prof John Cardy FRS

Prof John Cardy's Seminar entitled: Discrete Holomorphicity, Integrability and Parafermions in Two Dimensions is in Room M2.06 in the School of Maths at Cardiff University on Thursday 4th October at 3pm.

Professor Cardy, FRS, is a Senior Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford.

Abstract: I review the recent process in identifying observables in two-dimensional lattice models which satisfy a discrete version of the Cauchy-Riemann relations. Remarkably these seem to require that the model be both critical and integrable in the sense of Yang-Baxter. The observables obey fractional statistics and are conjectured to correspond to the parafermionic fields of the conformal field theory which describes the scaling limit of the lattice model. In cases when this conjecture can be proven it gives a constructive route to the field theory.

16 August 2012
South-West PDE day 2012 Tuesday, 4th September 2012 at Cardiff

The South-West PDE day 2012 will take place on Tuesday, September 4th 2012 at Cardiff University. Topics are Partial Differential Equations and Calculus of Variations with applications.

Invited Speakers are Isaac Vikram Chenchiah (Bristol) Elasticity-influenced coarsening in two-phase alloys Roger Moser (Bath) Singular perturbation problems involving curvature Matteo Novaga (Padova) TBA Kewei Zhang (Swansea) Universal coercivity for strongly elliptic linear elasticity and some image and shape analysis results

Further information here or from the principal organiser Nicolas Dirr

10 August 2012
Quantum Probabilistic Symmetries Workshop 3rd - 7th September at Aberystwyth

This joint LMS Regional Meeting and Quantum Probabilistic Symmetries Workshop from 3rd-7th September at Aberystwyth aims to present recent progress in operator algebras, representation of large groups, noncommutative probability and quantum information. Further information here or from the principal organiser Claus Koestler

10 August 2012
Queueing Theory Workshop 27th September at Cardiff

This WIMCS/LANCS sponsored workshop at the School of Mathematics Cardiff on the 27th Sept 2012 is in recognition of the contribution made to the subject area by Academician Igor Kovalenko. If you would like to attend and/or make a presentation please contact Professor Nikolai Leonenko

06 June 2012
Operator Groups Workshop 25th to 26th June at Swansea

This workshop includes talks from: Charles Batty (Oxford, UK) Functional calculus for semigroup generators Michiel van den Berg (Bristol, UK) Heat equation and torsion function Jozsef Lörinczi (Loughborough, UK) Intrinsic ultracontractivity of Feynman-Kac semigroups for a class of Levy processes Zeev Sobol (Swansea, UK) tba David Seifert (Oxford, UK) Some results relating to the theorem of Katznelson and Tzafriri For further information visit the website at here

24 May 2012
Physics and Computation 2012 Workshop 29 to 31st August at Swansea

The Physics and Computation 2012 workshop will take place from 29 to 31 August 2012 at Swansea University. The workshop is an interdisciplinary meeting on the frontiers of mathematics, physics, computer science, engineering and biology. The invited speakers include: * Andy Adamatzky (UWE) * Hajnal Andréka (Alfréd Rényi, Budapest) * Ed Blakey (Oxford) * Olivier Bournez (Ecole Polytechnique) * Barry Cooper (Leeds) * Arun Holden (Leeds) * Martin Ziegler (Darmstadt) The Keynote Lecture will be given by Tony Hey (Microsoft Research). The meeting will commence in the evening of Tuesday August 28 with registration and a welcome reception. Talks start at 9 am on Wednesday morning and finish at 2 pm Friday afternoon. For further information email the Local Organizing Committee (pc2012@swansea.ac.uk) or visit the website at here

The meeting has support from Microsoft, EPSRC, the Institute of Physics, the Learned Society of Wales and the Turing Centenary.

17 April 2012
HEA Maths Stats and OR Newsletter

The latest Higher Education Academy Maths Stats and OR Newsletter can be found here

03 April 2012
Welsh-medium lectureship in Mathematics at the Institute of Mathematics and Physics, Aberystwyth University

A Welsh-medium lectureship in Mathematics at the Institute of Mathematics and Physics, Aberystwyth University has been advertised. Details can be found here

28 March 2012
Further details of the two LSW Frontiers Distinguished Programme Lectures planned to take place during the INI-WIMCS Meeting on Non Commutative Geometry that takes place wc 16/4/12.

As part of the INI-WIMCS Meeting on Noncommutative Geometry, held at Cardiff University, 16-20 April there are two LSW Frontiers Events on the sub-theme of "The Standard Model and Beyond" Further details here

Tuesday 17 April 18.00 Lyn Evans CBE FRS FLSW (CERN) "Back to the Big Bang, the Large Hadron Collider" Further details here .

Wednesday 18 April 19.15 Fields Medalist Alain Connes (College de France, IHES and Vanderbilt) "The spectral point of view on Geometry and Physics" Further details here

20 March 2012
WIMCS Probability Colloquium Swansea 10 May 2012

The WIMCS Stochastics Cluster is holding a Probability Colloquium on 10th May 2012 at 3pm in Lecture Theatre, Seminar Room 224, Talbot Building, Swansea University.

Nicolas Bouleau (ENPC Paris) will give a talk titled 'Chaotic extensions and a particle method for Brownian motion'.

View details

08 March 2012
LSW Frontiers Lectures 17/18 April 2012

Two LSW Frontiers Programme Lectures have been planned to take place during the INI-WIMCS Meeting on Non Commutative Geometry that takes place wc 16/4/12.

Please visit event page

The first will be given by Lyn Evans (CERN) Former Project Manager of the Large Hadron Collider on 17th April

The second by Fields Medallist Alain Connes (College of France) on 18th April

These are under one of the subthemes of the meeting 'The Standard Model and Beyond'

Further details nearer the time.

01 March 2012
The St. David's Day Poster Competition

For further details or to enter the competition please download instructions alongside terms & conditions here.

14 February 2012
The new WIMCS Research Committee Chair Prof Brian Davies to talk at Swansea on 17th February

Professor E. Brian Davies, FRS, FLSW, Kings College will give a seminar talk in the History of Science and Technology Series in the Robert Recorde Room, Faraday, Swansea at 3pm on 17th February entitled ' Newton's concept of induction'.

14 February 2012
Professor Brian Davies, Kings College to be new WIMCS Research Committee Chair

WIMCS is delighted to announce that Professor E. Brian Davies, FRS, FLSW, Kings College London, will be the new Chair of the WIMCS Research Committee

07 February 2012
Second Wiener-Hopf Workshop at Aberystwyth 25th-26th June 2012

Following the success of the First Workshop, the Second Wiener-Hopf Workshop, organised with the support of the WIMCS Computational Modelling Cluster, will take place at Aberystwyth from 25th -26th June 2012.

If you would like to attend please contact Professor Gennady Mishuris or Mr Lewis Pryce.

Poster here

08 December 2011
Wales Mathematics Colloquium 2012 at Gregynog

The dates for the 2012 Wales Mathematics Colloquium at Gregynog are from Monday 21st May to Wednesday 23rd May.

The principle speakers will be:

Professor Robert Archbold, Aberdeen, Professor Stephen Wilson, Strathclyde, Dr Hilary Weller, Reading

We are grateful to C3W (www.climatechangewales.ac.uk) for supporting Dr Weller

Postgraduate students are particularly encouraged to attend.

If you would like to give a research talk please contact a local organiser or Prof. Simon Cox

To reserve a place please send form here to administrator@wimcs.ac.uk Details of the draft programme will be posted here

23 November 2011
Prof Niels Jacob, Swansea - Seminar 25 Nov 2011 on Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier - Citoyen

This College of Science in History of Science and Technology Seminar Series lecture by Prof Niels Jacob will take place in maths seminar room 224 Talbot at 15:00pm on Friday 25th Nov 2011 at Swansea.

Francois Arago, when reading his obituary on Fourier (1768 – 1830) from the start emphasized that with Fourier we encounter one of the most unusual academician living an even more unusual life during one of the most exiting periods of Europe’s history.

Born into a family of a tailor, an orphan with 11, educated by the Benedictine Order, he was just stop to enter the Benedictine Order by the outbreak of the French Revolution. During the the high time of “le terreur “ he was twice convicted to death, the second time the execution was scheduled for 10 Thermidor in year II. – But there was the Thermidor 9 before. Ordered by Napoleon to join the expedition to Egypt, eventually he was in charge to repatriate the remaining expedition corp after Napoleon has left. He became the Prefect of the Department d’Isere with Grenoble as capital and got problems with Napoleon during his 100 days. More problems came with the restoration of the Bourbon.

And where is the scholar Fourier? He became a member of the Academie des Sciences , even one Secretaire Perpetuel, and he was a member of the Academie Francaise, i.e. one of the 40 Immortels. He was in charge in editing “Description de l’Egypt” and contributed the famous “Preface Historique”. Moreover he contributed much to the education of Champollion-Figeac, and hence indirectly to the decipherment of the hieroglyphs. Thus he is one of the founding father of Egyptology.

His main academic occupation was however mathematical physics, in particular the study of heat. He came up with a complete and still valid theory of heat, and in developing his ideas he introduced “dimensional analysis” to physics, i.e. the checking of the units of measurement, he also predicted the green house effect. To solve his model equation he was led to completely new mathematical ideas, ideas which changed for ever Mathematics. By introducing what is nowadays called Fourier series he enforced a change in the notion of a function with far reaching consequences. Cantor’s set theory, Riemann’s and Lebesgue’s integration theory, spectral analysis, functional analysis,… they all can be traced back to Fourier’s series which he used in his “Theorie Analytique de la Chaleur”, one of the most influential book ever written in science.

We will encounter a scientist in his times and times of dramatic developments in science and society, developments which have ongoing deep impact.

22 November 2011
WIMCS/NSA CPD Conference 20/21st January 2012 at Swansea

The new dates for this postponed conference 'Inspiring young people in Maths, Physics and Chemistry' are 20/21 January 2012.

Keynote speakers are :

  • Stuart Jones DFES
  • Miranda Richardson, Director National Science Learing Centre
  • Chris Budd, Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Institution (and the University of Bath)
Full programme details here Earlybird full time teachers at schools in Wales attending will be able to claim £125 supply cover for their schools. Please contact M.R. Boex for a booking form.

01 November 2011
National Science Learning Centre ENTHUSE Cluster Awards are available to schools in Wales - up to £8000

Interested in professional development in science? eg • making a difference to pupils’ performance in science? • increasing pupils’ enjoyment of science? • working collaboratively with other professionals in a cluster of schools? • identifying for yourselves what it is that you and your cluster colleagues want to develop or improve? • receiving financial support to develop and share expertise in teaching and learning in science? Awards are for up to £8000 and are available in Wales. For the next round expressions of interest need to be received at NSLC by13th Jan 2012. Further details at www.sciencelearningcentres.org.uk/centres/national/the-enthuse-cluster-award

03 October 2011
WIMCS Stochastics Cluster Colloquium 13/14th October at Swansea

The WIMCS Stochastics Cluster announce a Cluster Colloquium at Swansea on 13/14th October Please go to http://maths.swan.ac.uk/staff/ewl/wimcs_colloquium/October_2011.pdf for full details

29 September 2011
Mathematical Physics Cluster Colloquium

Dr Raymond Russell, CORVIL, will give a seminar 'Measuring Entropy - from Statistical Mechanics to Latency Management' on Tuesday 13th October 2011 at 15:00 in Rm 2.06, School of Mathematics, Cardiff Further details here

21 September 2011
WIMCS Workshop : Pseudo-differential Operators and Markov Processes - 6/7th Oct 2011 Swansea

This WIMCS Stochastics Workshop will be in Aubrey Truman Room, Room 213, Mathematics, Talbot Building from 1pm 6th October to 4.30pm Friday speakers include: Michael Ruzhansky (Imperial), David Applebaum (Sheffield), Veronique Fischer (Kings College London),Tom Koerner (Cambridge) Full details here Contact Professor Niels Jacob n.jacob@swan.ac.uk for additional information

08 September 2011
NSA/WIMCS CPD Conference at Swansea 23/24th September 2011


02 August 2011
Domain X Workshop at Swansea 5-7th Sept 2011

This WIMCS sponsored Workshop on Domains is aimed at computer scientists and mathematicians alike who share an interest in the mathematical foundations of computation. Besides its traditional topics Domains X will focus on the special themes 'Modelling Computational Effects' and 'Modelling Continuous Data'. Further details can be found here

12 July 2011
ESRC Fellowship success for HMC2 (Health Modelling Centre Cymru)

HMC2 (a WIMCS initiative) has been successful in its application for one of 4 recently funded 12 month placements within the Welsh Government for a project entitled 'Maximising the Use of Existing Administrative Data Sets for Wales through Computer Modelling and Simulation' The Fellow will work closely throughout with the WG Policy and Knowledge and Analytical Services (KAS) officials and other stakeholders inc. HMC2 and the NCRM.

16 June 2011
WIMCS Mathematical Physics Cluster Colloquium 1st July 2011

The Mathematical Physics Cluster is holding a Colloquium Day on Friday 1st July from 12:15 at Cardiff School of Mathematics(Rm M/2.06). Further Details and Poster here

15 June 2011
Engaging with young people in STEM subjects

A one day interactive workshop on Friday 8th July 2011 to learn more about engaging with young people and teacheres and to enhance your outreach skills This introductory interactive workshop from 10 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. on Friday 8th July 2011 is for HEI staff who are interested in getting involved with outreach activities in STEM subjects and the EPSRC funded Maths on Tour school roadshows in particular. It offers participants the opportunity to extend their outreach skills and learn more about working with young people and teachers. It will also provide an overview of the Maths on Tour project and introduce the two shows: mathsapps – a careers show for young people aged 12-14 (http://www.sciencemadesimple.co.uk/page229g.html) ; and I’ve got your number – on use and abuse of statistics for young people aged 14-16 (http://www.sciencemadesimple.co.uk/page227g.html). To book your place please email outreachcoordinator@wimcs.ac.uk by Wednesday 22nd June. Places are limited. The venue will either be in Swansea or Cardiff depending on demand. For those interested, three additional days of training in presenting parts of the two shows are available from 16th - 23rd September 2011 (excluding the weekend).

16 May 2011
Mathematics and Engineering Teacher Fellow Opportunities in Wales

An opportunity for level 3 teachers of mathematics and engineering in Wales to spend a term in a university department in Wales The Wales Spoke of the National HE STEM Programme (www.hestem.ac.uk) is seeking to select up to four mathematics and/or engineering level 3 teachers/lecturers from schools and FE colleges in Wales to take part in the Wales HE STEM Teacher Fellows scheme, details of which can be obtained by emailing Rebecca Griffiths, Regional Officer for Widening Participation and Outreach, HESTEM Wales Spoke (outreach-HESTEM@wimcs.ac.uk). The secondments will be based in Welsh university mathematics or engineering departments in spring term 2012 where you would work on a variety of issues surrounding the transition between studying mathematics and engineering at school/college and at university. A letter and information leaflet has been sent to every head teacher, college principal, and head of maths which outlines the opportunities available. The closing date for applying for a secondment is now Wednesday 25th May 2011.

21 April 2011
WIMCS Analysis Cluster Workshop: "Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear PDEs" Swansea - Friday 20th May 2011

The Wales Spoke of the National HE STEM Programme (www.hestem.ac.uk) is seeking to select up to four mathematics and/or engineering level 3 teachers/lecturers from schools and FE colleges in Wales to take part in the Wales HE STEM Teacher Fellows scheme, details of which can be obtained by emailing Rebecca Griffiths, Regional Officer for Widening Participation and Outreach, HESTEM Wales Spoke (outreach-HESTEM@wimcs.ac.uk). The secondments will be based in Welsh university mathematics or engineering departments in spring term 2012 where you would work on a variety of issues surrounding the transition between studying mathematics and engineering at school/college and at university. A letter and information leaflet has been sent to every head teacher, college principal, and head of maths which outlines the opportunities available. The closing date for applying for a secondment is now Wednesday 25th May 2011.

05 April 2011
Joint Isaac Newton Institute and WIMCS Workshop Meeting on 'Noncommutative Geometry' at Cardiff University 16-20th April 2012

INI-WIMCS workshop on Noncommutative Geometry In April 2012, the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INI), Cambridge, and the Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (WIMCS) will jointly organise a meeting on Noncommutative Geometry The meeting will be held at Cardiff University and will start on Monday, April 16th and end on Friday, April 20th. This will be a follow-up meeting bulding upon the success of the six-month research programme, of the same name, that was held at the INI in 2006. Organisers: David E Evans (Cardiff), Nigel Higson (Penn State), Shahn Majid (Queen Mary, Univ of London)

05 April 2011
WIMCS Mathematical Physics Workshop on Higher Gauge Theory, TFQTs and Categorification 9-13 May 2011 at Cardiff School of Mathematics

Concentrated period on Higher Gauge Theory, Topological Quantum Field Theories and Categorification 9-13 May at Cardiff School of Mathematics http://www.cf.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/wimcs-tp.html This includes a WIMCS workshop on Higher Gauge Theory, TQFT’s and Categorification on 9-10 May Organizer: Tim Porter (Bangor) Speakers include: * Aristide Baratin (Orsay, Paris) * Benjamin Bahr (Cambridge) * Jeffrey Giansiracusa (Bath) * Alexander Kahle (Göttingen) * Jeffrey Morton (Lisbon) * Urs Schreiber (Utrecht) * Jamie Vicary (Oxford) * Konrad Waldorf (Regensburg) * Christoph Wockel (Hamburg) please find details at http://golem.ph.utexas.edu/category/2011/04/workshop_on_higher_gauge_theor.html

05 April 2011
WIMCS Mathematical Physics workshop on Representations of Braid and Symmetric Groups at Aberystwyth University 2-3 May 2011

WIMCS workshop on Representations of Braid and Symmetric Groups - New Approaches, Aberystwyth University 2-3 May http://www.cf.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/wimcs-aber.html Organisers: David E Evans (Cardiff), Rolf Gohm (Aber), Claus Koestler (Aber) * Patrick Dehornoy* (Lilles) * Grace Kennedy (Cardiff) * Vijay Kodiyalam (Chennai) * Daan Krammer (Warwick) * Jennifer Maier (Cardiff) * Jean Mairesse* (Paris) * Frédéric Mathéus* (Bretagne-Sud) * Florin Radulescu (Rome) * Makoto Yamashita (Cardiff)

05 April 2011
WIMCS Workshop on Quantum Field Theory at Cardiff 20-21st April 2011

WIMCS Workshop on Quantum Field Theory Cardiff 20-21 April Organizers: David E Evans and Christian Jäkel http://www.cf.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/wimcs-qft.html Speakers include * Henning Bostelmann (York) * Romeo Brunetti (Trento) * Detlev Buchholz (Göttingen) * Jan Derezinski (Warsaw) * Christian Jäkel (Cardiff) * Gandalf Lechner (Vienna) * Florian Robl (Cardiff)

31 March 2011
Leverhulme Award for Professor Marco Marletta Cardiff et alia

WIMCS is delighted to be able to congratulate Professor Marletta, Cardiff University, on his successful application for a Leverhulme award in 'Dissipative Spectral Theory'. The funding will not only allow 3 Research Fellows to be employed for a year, but also includes funding for a major conference. It is hoped that this funding model developed by WIMCS will be used by WIMCS colleagues to make similar applications in other areas of research.

31 March 2011
Stochastics Cluster announces two events in June 2011

Friday, 3 June WIMCS Probability Colloquium More details: http://maths.swan.ac.uk/staff/ewl/wimcs_colloquium/June_2011.pdf Friday, 17 June, WIMCS Workshop on Fractional Calculus and Random Processes More details: http://www-maths.swan.ac.uk/sac/abstracts/MK.pdf

10 March 2011
Wales HE STEM Engage Conferences

The Wales Spoke of the National HE STEM Programme is holding two Engage Conferences on 31st March and 5th May 2011 The Wales Spoke is holding two Engage Conferences on 31st March 2011 at Cardiff University and on 5th May at Glynd?r University, Wrexham. The Conferences will showcase individual projects in workforce upskilling and graduate skills development, present highlights from a range of projects including for level 3/4 transition and widening participation, and explain opportunities for HEIs and other organisations working with the HE sector to engage with the Programme. Part of the day will be devoted to themed workshops addressing: • Graduate employability • Student support and transition • Workforce upskilling and lifelong learning • Public engagement and widening participation • STEM careers guidance. A Conference Agenda, booking form and travel directions for each venue may be downloaded from the HE STEM page.

10 March 2011
WIMCS Stochastics Colloquium

WIMCS Stochastics Cluster is holding a Colloquium on 24th March 2011 at Swansea Full details can be found here

18 February 2011
WIMCS Stochastic Cluster Meeting 3/4 March 2011 at Swansea

The Stochastics Cluster are holding a 2 day meeting in Swansea on 3rd/4th March. Venue is Room 224 Talbot Building Details of programme can be found here For further details please contact Professor Eugene Lytvynov E.Lytvynov@swansea.ac.uk

27 January 2011
HMC2 Workshop Day University of Glamorgan 11 March 2011

Modelling with System Dynamics: Making Sense of a Complex World Friday 11th March 2011, 9.30am – 3pm (optional computer lab 3.15pm - 4.30pm) Glamorgan Conference Centre, University of Glamorgan Organisers: John Hayward (University of Glamorgan) and Paul Harper (Cardiff University) More details here or at http://hmc2.cf.ac.uk/

18 January 2011
WIMCS Stochastics Cluster Meeting 25/26 January 2011 Aberystwyth

The Stochastics Cluster is holding a 2 day meeting at Aberystwyth on Tuesday and Wednesday 25/26 January 2011 titled 'Trends in Quantum Probability and Statistics'. Speakers include A Gartner (Darmstadt), M Guta (Nottingham), R Hudson (Loughborough), C Kostler (Aberystwyth), B Kummerer (Darmstadt), H Maassen (Nijmegen), A Neate (Swansea), W Reussig (Darmstadt) C Yuan (Swansea), S Wildfeuer (Aberystwyth) Further details here

07 January 2011
Sir Michael Atiyah Lecture in Cardiff on Monday 17th January

The Learned Society of Wales' Frontier Lecture at 17.00 on Monday 17th January is being given by Sir Michael Atiyah who will talk on "Geometry and Physics: Past, Present and Future". Please contact Professor David Evans evansDE@cf.ac.uk to register a place Full details can be found at http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/frontiers_2011.html

04 January 2011
Isaac Newton Institute and WIMCS follow up meeting Computational Challenges in Partial Differential Equations, 4-8th April 2011, Swansea

This significant follow up meeting on Computational Challenges in Partial Differential Equations is from 4th-8th April 2011 at Swansea University. It is supported jointly by the Isaac Newton Institute and WIMCS, and organised by Professor Mark Ainsworth, University of Strathclyde, Professor Charles M Elliott, University of Warwick, Professor Kenneth Morgan, Swansea University, Professor Endre Suli, University of Oxford. Programme details can be found here Application form is here. Please send to administrator@wimcs.ac.uk asap.

04 January 2011
Wales Mathematics Colloquium Gregynog 23-25th May 2011

Wales Mathematics Colloquium This year event is from Monday 23rd May - Wednesday 25th May. The principle speakers will be: Professor Jon Keating, Bristol, Professor Gui-Qiang Chen, Oxford, Professor Caroline Series, Warwick Postgraduate students are particularly encouraged to attend. To reserve a place please send form here to administrator@wimcs.ac.uk

04 January 2011
2011 World Congress on Mathematics and Statistics - Call for Papers

This year's congress is in Cairo 24-26th July 2011 Papers are invited in all areas of mathematics and statistics with a focus on the following areas: 1- Mathematics: Algebra , Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Arithmetic, Calculus, Combinatorics, Complex Analysis, Computational Geometry, Computational Mathematics, Computational Science, Computer Algebra, Cross-disciplinary areas of Mathematics, Cryptology, Differential Equations, Differential Geometry, Discrete Mathematics, Dynamical Systems, Financial Mathematics, Finite Mathematics, Foundations of Mathematics, Fourier Analysis & Wavelets, Fractals, Genetic Algorithms, Geometry, History of Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics, Linear & Nonlinear Programming, Linear and Matrix Algebra, Logic, Mathematical Biology, Mathematics Education, Multivariable Calculus, Nonlinear Dynamics, Number Theory, Numerical Analysis, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Probability, Set Theory, Topology, Trigonometry, and Other Areas of Mathematics. 2- Statistics: Agricultural Statistics, Applied Statistics, Bayesian Statistics, Computational Statistics, Computer Simulations, Cross-disciplinary areas of Statistics, Econometrics, Educational Statistics, Environmental Statistics, Industrial Statistics, Management Science, Mathematical Statistics, Medical Statistics, Non-Parametric Statistics, Operations Research, Probability, Psychological Measurement, Quantitative Methods, Statistical Modeling, Statistics Education, and Other Areas of Statistics. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Prospective authors are invited to submit papers based on their original work using the format provided on the conference website. We also encourage submissions of proposals for tutorials and special sessions (like round tables ? etc.). Details of the submission are available on the main conference website:http://infomesr.org/en/scientific-research/conferences/2011-conferences/48-wcms11 Also, you can submit your paper through: http://infomesr.org/en/scientific-research/paper-submission All submitted papers will be peer-reviewed. The accepted papers must be presented during the conference period in order to be published in the conference proceedings, which will be available starting from July 1, 2011, through The Online Journal on Mathematics and Statistics (OJMS). SCHEDULE Submission of full papers: March 31, 2011 Acceptance notification: May 01, 2011 Camera ready submission: May 15, 2011

07 December 2010
Workshop 14th January 2011 - Welsh Electromagnetics Network Workshop at Swansea

On Friday 14th January 2011 there will be a one day workshop on Computational Modelling and Scientific Computing in Electromagnetism which will take place in the Civil and Computational Engineering Lecture Theatre, Talbot Building, College of Engineering, Swansea University. This one day workshop will be organised jointly by the Welsh Electromagnetics Network, Dr P.D. Ledger, and the IET. The aim of the workshop is to bring together representatives from academia and industry to formulate current research and industrial challenges in computational modeling and scientific computation in electromagnetism. The hope is to identify possible areas where academic/industrial collaborations can be created to tackle these challenges. The workshop will be open to members of the Welsh Electromagnetics Network as well as other UK industrial and academic representatives with an interest in computational electromagnetism. The format of the workshop will consist of invited talks by distinguished speakers from both academia and industry showcasing successful collaborations, and discussion groups focusing on specific areas in computational simulation with the aim of identifying problems and possible areas of collaboration. There will also be opportunities to discuss collaboration mechanisms between academia and industry. A workshop website has been setup please keep checking for updates http://www.em-net.org.uk/news/12-modelling-workshop-invitation.html The workshop is free. However, if you wish to attend we would be grateful if could register by sending an email to Nicola Davies from the Welsh Electromagnetics Network at daviesns1@cardiff.ac.uk. In your registration email please highlight which of the following topics you might be interested in: Low Frequency Modelling High Frequency Modelling Inverse Problems and Imaging Modelling EMC Problems Code Development Use of commercial codes For any other information contact p.d.ledger@swan.ac.uk

03 December 2010
Visit of the Deputy Minister of Science, Innovation and Skills Lesley Griffiths to WIMCS on 29 Nov 2010

(img) After meeting WIMCS and HESTEM staff and representatives of WIMCS's other partner universities, WIMCS and HESTEM staff made short presentations focussing on the activities WIMCS supports and organises including academic meetings, interdisciplinary initiatives, outreach, the Further Maths Support Programme, and HESTEM. WIMCS Director Terry Lyons said that he was delighted that WIMCS successes particularly in the area of educational outreach were being recognised.

02 December 2010
Principles and Application of Quantum Control Engineering - Royal Society Event Dec 2011 organised By Prof John Gough, Aberystwyth and others

This Royal Society Conference Event entitled ' Principles and Applications of Quantum Control Engineering' will take place from 12th -13th December 2011 at the Kavli Royal Society International Centre. Full details here: http://royalsociety.org/events/quantum-control-engineering/

30 November 2010
New Trends in Spectral Theory and Applications 18-20th December at Cardiff

The meeting "New Trends in Spectral Theory and Applications" organised by Prof B M Brown, Cardiff and part sponsored by WIMCS will be held in Cardiff on 18-20th December 2010. Further details here

23 November 2010
WIMCS Lecture - Friday 28th January 2011 at 3pm - Dr Anthony Wierzbicki - Problems from Medicine: mathematical genetics - simple or just simplistic

Dr Anthony Wierzbicki, DPhil DM FRCPath, Consultant in Chemical Pathology, St Thomas' Hospital, Reader in Lipids and Cardiometabolic Prevention at King's College London, Trustee of HEART-UK, Member of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence will give a talk entitled: Problems from medicine: mathematical genetics - simple or just simplistic. The lecture will be in the Institute of Life Sciences, Swansea lecture room at 15:00 on Friday 28th January 2011. This is sponsored by WIMCS/hmc2 and WIMCS thanks Dr Edwin Beggs, Swansea for organising the event. (A video relay to other institutions is being looked at)

22 November 2010
WIMCS Annual Meeting 2010

This year's Annual Meeting will be held in Cardiff from 20-22nd December 2010 WIMCS is delighted that this year's keynote speaker will be Prof L Mahadevan, Harvard http://wyss.harvard.edu/viewpage/123/l-mahadevan His talk is titled 'On growth and form: geometry, physics and biology' The latest programme details can be found here If you would like to attend please send application form here to administrator@wimcs.ac.uk asap

04 November 2010
1851 Commission Fellowships in Science and Engineering

1851 Commission announces call for Fellowships in Science and Engineering (Closing Date 17th Feb 2011) Foolow this link for further information http://www.royalcommission1851.org.uk/

26 October 2010
Learned Society Lecture by Sir Michael Atiyah at Cardiff on Monday 17th January

WIMCS hosts a Learned Society Lecture at 17:00 on Monday 17th January 2011 in the Wallace Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Cardiff. Geometry and Physics: Past, Present and Future Sir Michael Atiyah OM FRS FRSE University of Edinburgh Further details on how to register are at http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/frontiers_2011.html

12 October 2010
National HE STEM Programme Funding Calls for Curriculum Development and Outreach Activities

Universities in Wales and England are being invited to apply for funding to undertake significant curriculum development and outreach activities in chemistry, engineering, mathematics and physics There are two funding calls currently open to universities in Wales and England as part of the National HE STEM Programme: Call for Expressions of Interest to Adopt Proven Disciplinary Interventions and Approaches (Closes 29th October 2010) Call for project proposals for large-scale curriculum innovation and enhancement (Closes 9th November 2010) Further details on each call may be found at http://www.hestem.ac.uk/. The first stage for each call is an Expression of Interest. The funding call on proven disciplinary interventions and approaches makes available funding totalling £200k for higher education institutions to undertake activities developed during each of the pilot project activitites including: Chemistry: stand-alone, laboratory-based oureach activities for ages 5 - 18; context and problem based learning resources for use in undergraduate courses; chemistry at work careers event resources for ages 11-16. Physics: the Ashfield Music Festival, an enterprise activity for year 9 - 10 pupils; outreach workshops for HEI staff to improve their skills; Planet SciCast, a film making competition for schools. Maths: Pop Maths Quiz; the Take Home Challenge Competition; Maths at Work day for schools event resources; hands on maths workshops for pre 16s. Engineering: gender awareness training for HEI staff; gender and diversity workshop for HEI staff; a solar car challenge for years 8 & 9; engineering pick & mix - a one day interactive hands on event for year 9s; engineering Islam, a one day event celebrating the contribution made by the Muslim world to engineering and science. The funding call on curriculum innovation and enhancement offers around £30k each for projects leading to a significant change in the design, delivery or learning environment of a programme or suite of programmes. The projects should involve a significant number of staff and should impact on a substantial number of students. Contact details for all the Spokes and the Professional Bodies may be found at: http://www.hestem.ac.uk/Partnerslinks/tabid/114/Default.aspx

16 August 2010
WIMCS Posts in Analysis in Cardiff

Two new WIMCS Analysis appointments will be made this Autumn Details of how to apply can be found here http://www.cf.ac.uk/jobs/maths/reader-in-mathematical-analysis-2190.html http://www.cf.ac.uk/jobs/maths/lecturer-in-mathematical-analysis-2191.html

09 August 2010
Natural Science Prize

WIMCS Professor Feng-Yu Wang Swansea wins one of prestigious First Class Natural Science Prizes for 2009 awarded by the Educational Ministry of China Prize for Outstanding Research Projects Awarded by the Educational Ministry of China in 2009 The Natural Science Prize: 49 projects are awarded the first class prize. The project “Functional Inequalities, Markov Semigroups and Spectral Theory” by Feng-Yu Wang, supported jointly by Beijing Normal University, WIMCS and Swansea University, has been arwarded a first class prize of Natural Science . There are two mathematics projects awarded the first class prize. A complete list of awarded projects is available online http://www.cutech.edu.cn/cn/zxgz/2009/11/1248331806752580.htm The project by Feng-Yu Wang is one of the projects that received the first level prize for outstanding achievement in natural sciences including biological sciences. GWOBR GWYDDONIAETH NATURIOL WIMCS Athro Feng-Yu Wang Abertawe yn ennill un o fri Dosbarth Cyntaf Naturiol Gwobrau Gwyddoniaeth ar gyfer 2009 a ddyfarnwyd gan y Weinyddiaeth Addysg yn Tsieina Gwobr ar gyfer Ymchwil Eithriadol Prosciectau a Ddyfarnwy gan y Weinyddiaeth Addysg yn Tsieina yn 2009 Y Wobr Gwyddoniaeth Naturiol: 49 o brosiectau yn dernyn y wobr dosbarth cyntaf. Mae'r prosiect "Anghydraddoldebau Gweithredol, Markov Semigroups a rhithiol gefnogi Theori" gan Feng-Yu Wang, ar y cyd gan Beijing Normal Brifysgol, WIMCS a Phrifysgol Abertawe, wedi bod yn arwarded yn gyntaf gwobr dosbarth o Gwyddoniaeth Naturiol. Mae dau brosiect mathemateg Dyfarnwyd y wobr dosbarth cyntaf. Mae rhestr gyflawn o brosiectau a ddyfarnwyd ar gael ar-lein http://www.cutech.edu.cn/cn/zxgz/2009/11/1248331806752580.htm Y prosiect gan Feng-Yu Wang yn un o'r prosiectau a gafodd y cyntaf gwobr lefel am lwyddiant eithriadol yn y gwyddorau naturiol, gan gynnwys gwyddorau biolegol.

15 June 2010
Learned Society of Wales (Cymdeithas Ddysgedig Cymru) Lecture 28th June 2010 at Cardiif

Following the launch of the Learned Society on 25 May: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2010/05/25/learned-society-of-wales-launched-91466-26513210/ a Frontiers programme of Distinguished Lectures is being inaugurated. The idea of this series is that the Society invites distinguished researchers to discuss the frontiers of their field and their current personal contributions and opinions. The lecturers will be drawn form all fields and all parts of the world. The intended audience will be from their broad subject area and cognate areas. The series will be initiated with a talk by: Professor Dan-Virgil Voiculescu University of California, Berkeley 17.00, 28 June 2010 Wallace Lecture Theatre Main Building, Cardiff University This will be preceded by a tea in the Council Chamber, available from 16.15, and following the lecture, there will be a wine reception in the Viriamu Jones Gallery. The session will be chaired by the Founding President of the Learned Society, Professor Sir John Cadogan CBE FRSE PLSW FRS. The Science Vice-President of the Society, Professor Dianne Edwards FRSE FLSW FRS, and other founding fellows including Professor Graham Hutchings FLSW FRS will also attend as will other distinguished guests including Professor Elmer Rees CBE FRSE. Full details of the lecture are at: http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/meeting_2010_voiculescu_lecture.html For reservations, please contact David E Evans EvansDE@cf.ac.uk, or register through the web site: http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/meeting_2010-reg.shtml by Wednesday 23 June. A poster for the event is downloadable at : http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/Frontiers_Flyer_VoiculescuD.pdf The lecture is funded by the EU Research Training Network in Noncommutative Geometry EU-NCG and the wine reception is sponsored by Oxford University Press. The event is hosted by the Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences at Cardiff University David Evans Cardiff School of Mathematics

08 June 2010
LMS and WIMCS Workshop 28/29 June 2010 at Aberystwyth 'Wiener-Hopf Techniques and Applications'

Details of this LMS and WIMCS Workshop can be found here

11 May 2010
Professor Sondipon Adhikari, Swansea, awarded Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award

WIMCS member Professor Sondipon Adhikari, Swansea University, is one of 12 new Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit holders whose appointments were announced in April for his work on ' Uncertainty quantification in multi-scale computational simulations'. WIMCS congratulates him on getting this prestigious award. Further details at http://royalsociety.org/Royal-Society-announces-prestigious-Wolfson-Research-Merit-Awards/

04 May 2010
Stochastic Differential Equation Workshop Swansea 19th May 2010

The Department of Mathematics at Swansea will host a workshop on the theory, numerics and applications of stochastic differential equations on Wednesday 19 May 2010. This event is arranged with the support of the Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (WIMCS - www.wimcs.ac.uk) and the LMS - www.lms.ac.uk . Full details at http://www-maths.swan.ac.uk/staff/adn/SDEs/

08 April 2010
South Wales and South West LMS Regional Meeting 'Operator Algebras and Physics' 21st June at Cardiff

School of Mathematics, Lecture Room M/0.40 Cardiff University Monday 21 June 2010, 2.00 pm Operator Algebras and Physics Werner Nahm (DIAS, Dublin) Constantin Teleman (Berkeley) These lectures are aimed at a general mathematical audience. All interested, whether LMS members or not, are most welcome to attend this event. details here For further details, to register or to reserve a place at the dinner, email the organisers David Evans EvansDE@cf.ac.uk or Mathew Pugh PughMJ@cf.ac.uk. The cost of the dinner will be approximately £30, including drinks. The regional meeting is embedded in a five-day workshop on Operator Algebras and Physics during 21-25 June 2010 at Cardiff. Constantin Teleman will continue with a series of talks during this workshop on Two Dimensional Topological Quantum Field Theories and Gauge theories. Other confirmed invited speakers include Theo Banica (Paris), Terry Gannon (Alberta), Johannes Kellendonk (Lyon), Michael Müger (Nijmegen), Andreas Recknagel (KCL), Karl-Henning Rehren (Göttingen), Richard Szabo (Heriot-Watt), Jean-Louis Tu (Metz), Gerard Watts (KCL). http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/lms_meeting.html

08 April 2010
Leverhulme Lectures to be given by Professor Norman Dancer (Sydney) on 10/11th May at Swansea

Professor Dancer will present a series of four lectures on the topic Stable and Finite Morse Index Solutions for Nonlinear Elliptic Equations on 10th-11th May, 2010, at Swansea University. For details, please see http://www-maths.swan.ac.uk/staff/ecc/leverhulmelectures.pdf Professor Dancer is visiting Swansea University for the period April-June 2010, supported by a Leverhulme Visiting Professorship.

06 April 2010
Wales Analysis Workshop - Regularity Issues of Nonlinear PDE

A one day workshop on Regularity Issues of Nonlinear PDE will be held on 30th April 2010 at Swansea The event is in the framework of Wales Analysis Workshops and is funded by WIMCS and the LMS Details can be found here

30 March 2010
Spitalfields Day at Cardiff Monday 17 May 2010

A Spitalfields Day will be held at 2pm on Monday 17th May at Cardiff School of Mathematics on topic 'Operator Algebras and Physics'. Speakers will be: Professor Nigel Higson (Penn State) 'Baum-Connes Conjecture and Group Representations' and Professor Terry Gannon (Alberta) 'K-Theory and Conformal Field Theory' Professor Higson is delivering a course of lectures on the topic of 'Baum-Connes Conjecture and Group Representations' from 17-21st May. His first lecture will be part of the Spitalfields Day Programme. http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/higson_lect.html Some funding to support research students is available See here for further event details

23 March 2010
Online Access to MEI's Further Maths Resources for Schools in Wales

MEI and WIMCS have arranged free access for teachers in Wales to online AS/A level Further Maths resources Schools and colleges in Wales can now have free single-user teacher access to the Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) extensive range of AS/A level Further Mathematics resources for AQA, Edexcel, MEI and OCR specifications. The resources include all of the AS/A level Further Pure modules and almost all of the AS/A applied mathematics modules. The WJEC specification is not directly supported but material covering all the WJEC topics can be found with the resources for the English specifications. For further information and instructions on how to register, please visit the Schools page.

16 March 2010
Easter Maths Revision Days for Schools at the University of Glamorgan

Two revision days for Maths GCSE (Higher tier) and GCE AS level are being held for school pupils This coming year’s outreach events are listed below and you can find more details on the Schools page. All of the events are now open. All applications are dealt with on a first come first served basis. Students – please note that you will need to ask your teacher to complete the reply slips. For any additional enquiries, please e-mail Dr Mark Jones Jones (msjones@glam.ac.uk ) by, the outreach events coordinator. Easter Mathematics AS-Level Revision Conference Day – Wed 14th Apr 2010 9:40am – 3pm Easter Mathematics GCSE (Higher Tier) Revision Conference Day – Fri 16th Apr 2010 9:40am – 2:30pm

16 March 2010
Launch of hmc2 Friday 7th May 2010 at Cardiff University

LAUNCH EVENT OF HMC2 FRIDAY 7TH MAY FROM 9.30AM AT CARDIFF UNIVERSITY hmc2 is a Pan Wales Initiative that brings together Wales's research expertise in Mathematical and Computational Modelling and applications in Health The Project Directors are Prof. Paul Harper (School of Mathematics, Cardiff University) and Prof. Perumal Nithiarasu (School of Engineering, Swansea University) Further details of the event including how to reserve a place can be found here

16 March 2010
European Network Meeting on Non-Commutative Geometry in Cardiff starts 28 June 2010

EUROPEAN NETWORK MEETING ON NON-COMMUTATIVE GEOMETRY AT CARDIFF SCHOOL OF MATHEMATICS FROM Confirmed Speakers include: Dorothea Bahns (Göttingen), Sebastiano Carpi (Rome), Bergfinnur Durhuus (Copenhagen), Robin Hillier (Rome), Tommaso Isola (Rome), Yasuyuki Kawahigashi (Tokyo), Amin Malik (Oslo), Jouko Mickelsson (Helsinki), Denjoe O’Connor (DIAS), Thomas Schucker (Provence), Wojciech Szymanski (Odense), Otgonbayar Uuye (Copenhagen), André Verbeure (K.U. Leuven), Dan Voiculescu (Berkeley), Jakob Yngvason (ESI, Vienna) Further Info at: http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/meeting_2010.html

02 March 2010
WIMCS Probability Colloquium Swansea 25-26th March 2010

The Programme's title is Levy Processes in Non-Commutative Probability and Related Topics Programme Details can be found here

10 February 2010
British Science Association Media Fellowships 2010

Want to know what it's like to be a science journalist? Want to know what it’s like to be a science journalist? If you do then the British Science Association Media Fellowships 2010 are for you. Experience first hand how science is reported by spending 3-8 weeks with a national press, broadcast or internet journalist on a summer placement, working with them to produce accurate, well informed news pieces about developments in science. Come away better equipped to communicate your research to the public and your colleagues. Learn to work within the constraints of the media and develop writing skills that could make journal articles and funding applications easier and more concise. You are eligible to apply for the scheme if you: • are a scientist, clinician, social scientist or engineer • have a minimum of 2 years postgraduate experience in your field • are a resident of the UK • work at any level in an academic or research institution, industry, civil service or any other similar organisation Hosts include BBC Wales, The Guardian, Nature, BBC News and the Times. For details about the scheme, including an online application form, visit http://www.britishscienceassociation.org/mediafellows . Application deadline: 2 March 2010.

09 February 2010
Wales Mathematics Colloquium, Gregynog 24-26th May 2010

The guest speakers will be: Philip Maini (Oxford) (i) Tumour Growth and (ii) Developmental Patterning Peter Clarkson (Kent) Painleve Equations – nonlinear special functions (two talks) Dan Archdeacon (Vermont) Toroidal triangulations are geometric For how to apply and full details click here

02 February 2010
Professor Maury Bramson (University of Minnesota) will be LMS Invited Lecturer 2010. Lectures will be at Swansea from 12-16th April

WIMCS is delighted to announce that Professor Maury Bramson (University of Minnesota) will deliver this year's LMS Lectures entitled 'Stability of Queueing Networks' at Swansea from 12-16th April A number of other guest speakers inc Professor Adam Letchford (University of Lancaster), Professor Jorg Fliege (University of Southampton) and Professor Jianfeng Feng (University of Warwick) will also give talks. Full details see wimcs web page http://www.wimcs.ac.uk/lmsinvitedlectures.html Further details including how to register and information about funding available to support participants please see here

02 February 2010
Swansea Erasmus Mini Course 17th-22nd February 2010 at Swansea

Swansea Erasmus Mini-course 17-22 February Dr Ilona Krolak, Wroclaw University (Poland) "von Neumann algebras and commutation relations". This is a topic in non-commutative probability, and it should of interest to PhD students whose research is related to probability, functional analysis and algebra. The mini-course will start on Wednesday, 17 February at 2 pm. The room is to be confirmed. For further details, contact: Eugene Lytvynov (E.Lytvynov@swansea.ac.uk)

21 January 2010
WIMCS Maths Physics Cluster Colloquium 26 Feb 2010 at Swansea

WIMCS Maths Physics Cluster Colloquium on 26th Feb 2010 in Dept of Physics Swansea will feature speakers Professor Marcos Marino (Geneva) and Professor Richard Thomas (Imperial) Please find programme details here http://www2.imperial.ac.uk/~rpwt/ http://www.unige.ch/math/people/marino_en.html

13 January 2010
WIMCS Analytical Computational Mathematics Day Meeting Cardiff on 24th Feb 2010

There will be a one-day meeting on Analytical Computational Mathematics in Cardiff on February 24th, sponsored by the LMS and WIMCS and organised by Marco Marletta and Michael Levitin The speakers are: Simon Chandler-Wilde, Reading; Albrecht Böttcher, Chemnitz; Anders Hansen, Cambridge; Jeremy Levesley, Leicester; Claudia Wulff, Surrey. The meeting starts at 12:00 noon with a buffet lunch. Registration is free: please go to http://www.cf.ac.uk/maths/subsites/marlettam/naday2010.html for further details.

13 January 2010
Second South West Regional PDE Winter School at Swansea 15-16 Jan 2010

The Maths Department at Swansea with WIMCS support is hosting the Second South West Regional PDE Winter School on 15/16th January 2010. The programme includes 2 Minicourses by Giuseppe Mingione , Parma and Nina Uraltseva, St Petersburg, and Invited Lectures by Giuseppe Buttazo, Pisa and Jean Van Schaftingen, Louvain-la-Neuve. Further details here http://www-maths.swan.ac.uk/staff/vm/SWWS/

13 January 2010
Meeting at Swansea on Rigorous Theory of Feynman Path Integrals and their applications on 18/19th January 2010

This WIMCS supported meeting at Swansea on 18th to 19th January 2010 on 'Feynman Path Integrals and their applications' includes speakers: Laura Cattaneo, Imperial, John Gough, Aberystwyth, Martin Grothaus, Kaiserlautern, Vassili Kolokoltsov, Warwick, Naoto Kumano-Go, Kogakuin, Sonia Mazzucchi, Trento, Matthew Morand Oleg Smolyanov, Moscow For Details please visit http://www-maths.swan.ac.uk/staff/adn/feynman/

12 January 2010
School on Planar Algebras and Physics - 15 February – 5 March 2010

School on Planar Algebras and Physics, School of Mathematics, Cardiff University - 15 February – 5 March 2010 EU-NCG RTN in Noncommutative Geometry FS6 Focused Semester on Mathematical Physics and NCG http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/fs6.html Subfactors have played a special role in the last twenty five years in von Neumann algebras and operator algebras and developed a successful symbiosis with topology, geometry, statistical mechanics and conformal field theory. Their analysis and classification has been studied through paragroups of Adrian Ocneanu, and the lambda lattices or towers of relative commutants of Sorin Popa. One approach advocated and developed by Vaughan Jones is through planar algebras. This school, will begin with a series of introductory lectures on the subfactor planar algebras by Pinhas Grossman (Cardiff), followed by more advanced courses by Shami Ghosh (KU Leuven), Richard Burstein (Vanderbilt), and Stephen Bigelow (UCSB) on more recent and current work, and by Julien Bichon (Clermont-Ferrand) on quantum permutation groups. The school and courses will be aimed towards young researchers, particularly graduate students who wish to learn about the area that so far has been under represented in Europe. Connections in the school with physics, conformal field theory and string theory will be achieved in a number of ways. There will be a series of talks by Juergen Fuchs (Karlstad) on conformal field theory where a graphical calculus and subfactor notions such as alpha-induction have played a key role. There will also be individual talks on relations between quiver gauge theories, dimer models, brane tilings, Calabi-Yau algebras, tilting modules, A-infinity structures, geometric resolutions and noncommutative geometry by Amihay Hanany (Imperial), Yang-Hui He (Oxford), Alexander Quintero-Velez (Glasgow) etc – all of which are related to subfactor theory. Embedded in the programme will be a WIMCS Colloquium by Marcos Marino Beiras (Geneva) and Richard Thomas (Imperial) at Swansea. There will also be an opportunity for individuals to present new work, with priority given to young researchers. Proposals for such can be made on the registration form: http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/pa-reg.shtml Details of accommodation can already be found at the school page, as well as more detailed synopsis of the talks and timetables in the coming days. http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/maths/subsites/opalg/eu-ncg/pa.html

19 November 2009
Interesting Lecture in Dublin by Dr Peter Goddard, Director of Advanced Research Institute Princeton

For those in Dublin this weekend the following lecture is highly recommended De Valera, Einstein, and the future of advanced research by Dr Peter Goddard, Director of Advanced Research Institute Princeton, at 8pm Sat 21st November in Trinity College, Dublin Details here

29 October 2009
WIMCS Annual Meeting 2009

This year the WIMCS Annual Meeting is being held at Swansea from 14th-16th December The latest programme can be found here programme If you would like to attend please send application form to administrator

01 October 2009
Annual Computer Science and Engineering Lecture at Bangor 11 November 2009

The Annual Bangor Computer Science and Engineering Lecture supported by WIMCS is entitled 'Why do it for Real' and this year is being given by Prof W T Hewitt at 5.30 in John Phillips Hall All welcome - Full Details BangorLecture

01 October 2009
Stochastics Processes at Quantum Level Meeting Aberystwyth 21/22 October 2009

The Stochastics Cluster Group announce this meeting entitled 'Stochastic Processes at Quantum Level' on 21/22nd October at Aberystwyth Full details can be found here SPQL meeting

29 September 2009
The Royal Society Partnership Grants

'Do you have a good idea for bringing science alive in schools but need some funding to make it happen?' The latest round of Royal Society Partnership Grants is now open. The closing date for applications is 6 November 2009. Up to £3000 is available to support teachers, scientists and engineers working together to inspire young people. Projects created by partnerships can allow teachers to increase their scientific knowledge and give scientists and engineers the chance to develop their communication skills and engage with young enquiring minds. For more information and case studies of existing projects visit The Royal Society's website (http://royalsociety.org/partnership).

24 September 2009
Operator Algebra Seminar given by Dr Aidan Sims at Aberystwyth on 7th October

Dr Aidan Sims (Woolagong) presents a Seminar entitled 'A Dixier-Douady classification for Fell algebras' at 3pm in Room 321, Physical Sciences Building, Aberystwyth on 7th October. Further Details follow this link Dr Aidan Sims

22 September 2009
WIMCS Maths Physics Seminars Cardiff School of Mathematics - 1st October 2009

Professor Gary Gibbons FRS (Cambridge) will give a seminar at 3pm on 1st October 2009 Title to be announced

22 September 2009
WIMCS Probability Workshop in honour of Prof Mu-Fa Chen (Beijing Normal University) 22nd/23rd October 2009 at Swansea (Seminar Room 224)

Please follow this link for full details ProbabilityColloquium

15 September 2009
WIMCS Professor Paul Harper - Profile

Professor Paul Harper (Cardiff) is a WIMCS Professor and the Cluster Co-ordinator for Statistics and OR Group

Please follow this link to discover more about him P Harper

18 August 2009
WIMCS Meeting on 24th August 2009 on Operator Algebras

Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences meeting on operator algebras. Swansea, Monday 24th August, 2-5 PM. This meeting is organized by Edwin Beggs (Swansea), David E Evans(Cardiff) and Rolf Gohm (Aberystwyth) and is supported by the LMS. There is a limited amount of funding available for participation with preference given to graduate students - Contact Edwin Beggs SPEAKERS: Ulrich Kraehmer (Glasgow) Duality and products in algebraic(co)homology theories The origin and interplay of products and dualities in algebraic (co)homology theories is ascribed to a x-A-Hopf algebra structure on the relevant universal enveloping algebra. This provides a unified treatment for example of results by Van den Bergh about Hochschild (co)homology and by Huebschmann about Lie-Rinehart (co)homology. Javier Lopez (Queen Mary, London) Cartesian products in noncommutative geometry

28 July 2009
New Stochastics Cluster Co-ordinator is Professor Eugene Lytvynov

As he will be acting Head of Mathematics at Swansea next year, Professor Niels Jacob has decided to step down as Stochastics Cluster Co-ordinator. The Director, Professor Terry Lyons, is pleased to announce that Professor Eugene Lytvynov (Swansea) has agreed to take on the role, and is sure that he will build on the foundations laid by Professor Jacob whom he thanks for all his hard work. He wishes Professor Lytvynov and the Stochastics Cluster continued success.

21 July 2009
Workshop on Infinite Particle Systems in Continuum on 23rd July at Swansea

This miniworkshop supported by WIMCS and LMS is pm on 23rd July in Room 224 in Physical Sciences at Swansea Further details http://www-maths.swan.ac.uk/sac.html

21 July 2009
Call for Institute of Physics Prizes

The Printing and Graphics Science Group of the Institute of Physics runs an annual Student Conference, and can make a £500 Grant to a student engaged in postgraduate research on a relevant topic. We also award an Annual Prize for a significant contribution, open to individuals and organisations. Further details are in the Attachments: Student Conference Call for Papers Information on the Group’s Student Grant PGS Group Prize Call for Submissions Please note the closing date of 9th September 2009 for all 3 submissions. We would be grateful if you could circulate this information to your colleagues, those potentially interested in other departments, and of course your research students. Feel free to print off the notices and display them. The Group promotes the application of the physics involved in printing and graphic arts technologies, processes for imaging and manufacturing together with the related technologies of psychophysical testing, lighting, photovoltaics and smart packaging. Its activities include: Conferences, technical meetings and visits to companies, laboratories and other venues. Annual Student Conference. Financial support for students via a grant and travel funds. Annual prize for the best application of physics in the subject areas. Annual Newsletter.

21 July 2009
Workshop on Medial Axial Technology at Swansea 23rd September 2009

This WIMCS and CFMS supported event is free but you to advise your intention to attend to Prof Oubay Hassan at o.hassan@swansea.ac.uk Further details

21 July 2009
Lattice Bolzmann Workshop in Cardiff on 3/4th September 2009

This WIMCS supported Workshop organised by Prof David Walker and Dr Gareth Roberts, WIMCS Fellow, will take place in Cardiff on 3rd/ 4th September Attendance is free for WIMCS members, but please let Gareth ( g.w.roberts@cs.cf.ac.uk) know in advance if you will attend so that the conference facilities and catering are appropriate. The LMS grant covers the costs for UK-based PhD students (who do not have financial support from e.g. a doctoral training award) to attend so as to benefit their studies. Travel and subsistence costs may be reclaimed after the event. If you are aware of any research students who are interested in using (or just finding out about) LBM, please encourage them to attend. They should complete the registration form and tick the box for "free student registration". Dr Paul Dellar (Oxford) will start proceedings with an introductory lecture to LBM. Further details can be found here: http://www.cs.cf.ac.uk/CardiffLBMworkshop/.

20 July 2009
Bang Goes the Theory - a new BBC science show

Watch the first programme on Monday 27th July at 7.30 p.m. on BBC One Bang Goes The Theory, a new BBC show for "anyone who is remotely curious about life, the Universe and pretty much everything." (www.bbc.co.uk/bang), aims to look at how science shapes the world around us, in an engaging and relevant way. It's about making science fascinating - and fun. Programme One will be broadcast on Monday 27th July 2009 at 7.30 p.m. on BBC One. The website explains: "The show's presenters will travel the world looking at the scientific breakthroughs that affect us, whether they're in cosmology, zoology, medicine or any other field. And then they'll be back at base - a disused supersonic wind tunnel in Bedfordshire, turned high-tech science set by the people behind Dr Who - to show science in action." As well as the programme, the show will go on the road and dates in Wales are: • 18, 19 & 20 August - the Pembrokeshire show • 5-6 September, Swansea City Centre, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., on The Kingsway opposite the Dragon Hotel. Events are free and include: • An Interactive Arean with hands-on science • Bang Goes the Theory science shows • Dr Yan's amazing street science • Ask the expert a science question • Discover what science centres in your local area offer. This publicity means that the BBC are now receiving more questions from the public and some of these are on the Beacons Q and A site, so feel free to go to www.beaconsqanda.com and answer them. Answers from the Beacons are already appearing on the sitehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/bang/ask_yan/will_we_ever_colonise_another_planet so you may get you name on the BBC website. If you have not registered for the Q and A site, please go to www.beaconsqanda.com/start and follow the instructions. Please make sure that you complete your account details including proper name and institutional affiliation, and your Beacon so that the BBC can accredit your answers. New questions include: What is the number of plant species yet to be discovered? Why is a golf ball not smooth? Why are some rock formations hexagonal shaped? Why doesn't an LCD display run to one side? What's the point of science? How do gills filter oxygen out of water?

15 July 2009
WIMCS Annual Lecture for year 12 students of maths, physics and engineering

BLOODHOUND SSC THE ADVENTURE BEGINS, WEDNESDAY 7TH OCTOBER 2009, 14:-15:30, SWANSEA UNIVERSITY After the success of last year’s inaugural annual WIMCS lecture given by Johnny Ball, we are delighted to invite year 12 students to the 2009 WIMCS event to be held on Wednesday 7th October (flyer attached). This year’s lecture is aimed at year 12s, although year 11 students interested in maths and engineering are also welcome, and is on the Bloodhound Supersonic Car – How and Why? Dr Ben Evans will be the main speaker and will cover the background to the project, the role of Swansea University and the part played by computer modelling, simultaneous equations, aerodynamics, forces and moments. The lecture will include short activities for the students and time for questions. Careers information will be available in the foyer of the Faraday both before and after the lecture. Student Recruitment is also offering campus tours on a first come first served basis to groups of up to 10 students before and after the lecture. The event is free. To book your place, please complete and return the booking form as soon as possible (places will be allocated on a first come first served basis). Further details on the location and parking arrangements will be sent to you once your booking form has been received. I hope that you and your students will join us on 7th October and I very much look forward to seeing you then.

23 June 2009
'Think Maths' Finale - a More Maths Grads event in Wales

A celebration of partnerships between schools, employers and local educational authorities in Wales to promote mathematics The 'Think Maths' Finale will be held at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on July 8th 2009 from 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. For further details of the event please contact Melanie Ashfield, m.ashfield@bham.ac.uk. More Maths Grads (MMG) is a three year project devised by a cross-community group who were concerned about the future of mathematics. It aims to increase the number of students studying mathematical sciences in higher education. Funding is provided by HEFCE and HEFCW and the project is managed at the University of Birmingham. For more information go to www.moremathsgrads.org.uk. MMG wants to be able to inspire groups of learners who have not traditionally been well represented in higher education and for the past 6 months it has been piloting a themed project in Wales called 'Think Maths'. Two project officers, Timothy Watt-Soar and Steve Bush, have been building partnerhips in North and South Wales respectively between schools, employers and local education authorities. Ten schools in total have been given the chance to visit employers and higher education institutions to see how maths is used in action. The schools were then given the task of creating a case study and preparing a presentation based upon their experiences which will be showcased at the Finale. The 'Think Maths' Partnerships are: Amman Valley School - Tinopolis-S4C Cowbridge Comprehensive School - Dow Corning Newbridge Comprehensive School - Axiom Manufacturing Services Ogmore School - S W Police St Albans RC High School - Capita Symonds St Julians School - EADS Whitchurch High School - Halcrow Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Plasmawr - IQE Ysgol Bryn Elian School - E-on St David's College - First Hydro Company Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones School - Wylfa Electricity Generating Nuclear Power Station St Gerard's RC School - Technium Cast Ysgol Uwchradd Llanfyllin School - Statkraft

23 June 2009
QCA Consultation on AS/A Levels in Mathematics Subjects

Consultation on the proposal to introduce revised specifications in mathematics and further mathematics in September 2012 A working party is meeting in Wales on 6th July 2009 to discuss the proposal by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority to revise the specifications in mathematics and further mathematics from 2012 to align with the revised GCSE in mathematics being introduced in 2010. The QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority) consultation on the draft criteria for AS/A levels in maths, further maths, use of maths and use of statistics is taking place from 17th April until Friday 10th July 2009. The news release on the launch of the consultation can be found at http://www.qca.org.uk/qca_22191.aspx and the full information on the consultation at http://www.qca.org.uk/qca_21230.aspx. The Welsh Assembly Government site also provides a full range of documentation on the consultation athttp://wales.gov.uk/consultations/education/maths. WIMCS has been invited by DCELLS (Department for Children, Education. Lifelong Learning and Skills), Welsh Assembly Government, to attend the GCE Maths criteria workshop and representatives from a university department of mathematics and departments which use mathematics are attending. You may respond to the consultation directly on the QCA website or if you prefer, you may forward your views to the Outreach Coordinator, WIMCS, who is also attending the workshop (email: outreachcoordinator@wimcs.ac.uk.

09 June 2009
Spectral Theory, Quantum Chaos and Random Matrix Workshop at Cardiff 29th June-1st July

This significant Young Researchers Workshop organised by Prof Michael Levitin (Cardiff) and Prof Uzy Smilansky (Weizmann Institute, Israel and Cardiff) is taking place in Cardiff from 29th June-1st July. Further details can be found here Cardiff Workshop Further requests to attend should be made asap. Professor Uzy Smilansky is a WIMCS Fellow

27 May 2009
WIMCS Annual Lectures for Schools 2009

Lectures for year 10 students will be offered at Cardiff, Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities in the first week of June and year 12 students at Swansea University on 7th October Paul Curzon and Peter McOwan of cs4fn, Queen Mary, University of London, will give the Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences (WIMCS) Annual Lectures for 2009 in June at three Welsh universities. Support for the lectures comes from EPSRC and Google. The free lectures for Year 10 pupils, entitled The mind of the machine : Artificial Intelligence? will take place at Cardiff University on Tuesday 2nd June, Aberystwyth University on June 3rd, and Bangor University on June 4th. We all know the movie plot, evil robots and computers taking over the world, but what is the reality? The lecture looks at artificial intelligence research, the field of science that tries to build “thinking machines”. How are they built? What can they do? And as importantly what can’t they do? The talk covers topics ranging across computer science, electronic engineering, psychology, philosophy and biology. It gives a taste of how modern science cuts across different subjects. There will also be a careers information event at each lecture supported by Careers Wales. Professor Terry Lyons, FRS, FRSE, Director of the Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, said: “Our Annual Lectures series and associated activities are part of the Institute’s programme for educational outreach in Wales, which aims to inspire future generations of researchers in the mathematical and computational sciences." A lecture for year 12 students will be held at Swansea University on Wednesday 7th October 2009 on the Bloodhound Supersonic Car Project with the support of the School of Engineering. Details will be mailed to local schools before the end of the summer term. For further information on outreach activities please contact Alison Braddock, Outreach Coordinator (Email: outreachcoordinator@wimcs.ac.uk. Tel: 01792 602855).

27 May 2009
Dr Jan Abas

WIMCS is saddened by the recent death of Dr Jan Abas Syed Jan Abas (1936-2009) Jan Abas was born in Allahabad in India and spent a few years during early teens in Pakistan. Apart from a break of just over a year when he went back to Pakistan, Jan lived in the UK from the age of 16 onwards. He attended London University, Sir John Cass College and University College and obtained a Ph.D. in applied mathematics in 1967. Jan subsequently served for 27 years as a lecturer in applied mathematics, computer science and computer graphics at Bangor University, retiring in 1993. His research work ranged over magneto-hydrodynamics, plasma physics, absorption of radiation in liquid crystals and computational physics. He was the first academic to run large computer physics codes (involving more than 100 Fortran subroutines) at Bangor and he had a pioneering role in the use of computer graphics in the teaching of applied mathematics in general terms. Starting out with just a PDP 11 driven vector graphics tube called the GT 44 system, Jan was able to make many abstract theoretical concepts come alive and visible. He developed the first course in Computational Fluid Dynamics for undergraduates in the UK. His courses were always extremely popular with students, and his enthusiasm for whatever he was talking about was infectious. During his retirement, Jan remained active as an independent lecturer, author, designer and artist. He was able to pursue his lifelong interest in symmetry and Islamic art and many examples of his work are shown on his web site. He was the principal author of “Symmetries of Islamic Geometrical Patterns”, asignificant work published in 1995 showing how Islamic patterns are relevant for the world of today in science, art, mathematics and nature. Other books include “Computers in Health and Fitness”; and “Pascal: an Interactive Text - Text and Disk (A Computer Illustrated Text)”. The latter was the first text book to include a set of programs on a disk and catered for a local area network environment. Jan continued to hold the position of an Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Computer Science at Bangor University. For 24 consecutive years he also taught a Royal Institution Mathematics Master Class on Symmetry to the most mathematically talented school children (age group 13-14) of North Wales. The practical part of the course involves the exploration, design and symmetry analysis of Frieze Patterns using computer graphics, and a Flash version of this application can be found on his web site. Jan had battled against the effects of Parkinson’s disease for many years. Following a short period of illness, Jan Abas passed away at Ysbyty Gwynydd Hospital, Bangor on Saturday 9th May 2009. http://www.abasjanabas.com/

20 May 2009
Swansea WIMCS Lectures and Workshop 26-29th May by Prof R Schilling

The lectures of Professor Schilling are scheduled as follows Tuesday, May 26, 2 p.m. - 3.30 p.m Wednesday, May 27, 9 a.m. - 10.30 a.m. Thursday, May 28, 9 a.m. - 10.30 a.m. The Workshop on Friday, May 29, will include the following lectures 9.00 - 9.45 R.L.Schillng (Dresden) On a ratio limit theorem for Levy processes 9.50 - 10.35 C.Yuan (Swansea) Stability in distribution of mild solutions of stochastic partial differential delay equations with jumps coffee / tea 11.00 - 11.45 I.Papageorgiou (Toulouse) The log-Sobolev inequality with non quadratic interaction lunch 14.00 - 14.45 A.Kyprianou (Bath) Scale functions for spectrally negative Levy processes and applied probability 14.50 - 15.35 J.Gough (Aberystwyth) Quantum filtering for beginners coffee / tea 16.00 - 16.45 F.-Y.Wang (Swansea/WIMCS) Analysis on Neumann semi-groups (There may be a further talk by J.Loerinci (Loughborough).) All lectures will be in the Seminar Room (Room 224) of the Department of Mathematics, Swansea University

21 April 2009
Gregynog Mathematics Colloquium 18-20 May 2009

GREGYNOG MATHEMATICS COLLOQUIUM 2009. This year’s Gregynog Colloquium, supported by Gregynog and an LMS Conference Grant, will take place from 18-20 May 2009. The guest speakers will be • Jeremy Levesley (Leicester). Approximation using radial basis functions. (2 talks) • Boris Khoruzhenko (Queen Mary). Random matrices. (2 talks). To attend please contact asap your local adviser or Dr Simon Cox, Aberystwyth (sxc@aber.ac.uk) or Prof Russell Davies, Cardiff (DaviesR@cardiff.ac.uk). For details of the venue, visit www.wales.ac.uk/gregynog .

31 March 2009
EPSRC Partnerships for Public Engagement (PPE) Programme funds maths roadshows for schools

Two roadshows for key stages 3 and 4 school children will be funded by the EPSRC Public Engagement Programme As part of its Partnerships for Public Engagement Programme, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has just agreed to fund a project - ‘Whose Maths is it anyway?’ – which is a set of new mathematics roadshows for secondary school students in Wales aged 11–16. The total project cost is £132k and EPSRC will fund 80% of this. Development work on the project will begin in June 2009 and the first roadshows will be presented in schools from October 2010. The project is a collaboration between the Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences and the universities of Swansea, Cardiff, Bangor and Aberystwyth. The Principal Investigator on the project is Prof Terry Lyons, Director WIMCS. The project supports two of the main objectives of the PPE scheme: firstly, it will inspire future generations of researchers in engineering and the physical sciences; and secondly, it will build and sustain a community of researchers active in public engagement with the necessary expertise. The three main components of the proposal are: • The development and delivery of a new Key Stage 3 (11-14 years old) Roadshow that highlights the range of careers open to mathematicians including role models with short film clips. • The development and delivery of a new Key Stage 4 (14-16 years old) Roadshow that illustrates how mathematics can be used to judge information given out in everyday life based on a game show approach with competing teams of students. • A training programme for the Roadshow Presenters.

18 March 2009
Higher Education and Schools Partnerships Conference

Widening Participation - making funding work Learn how your university department can engage more effectively with local schools. This conference tackles issues such as overcoming barriers to widening participation, engaging with schools, how to make a successful partnership, using partnerships to improve STEM skills, and plugging the gap between schools and higher education. For more information visit http://www.neilstewartassociates.com/jb266/agenda.html

11 March 2009
Leverhulme Trust Grant is awarded to Dr Christian Jaekel

WIMCS Funded Lecturer Dr Christian Jaekel of Cardiff University has been awarded a £60000 grant for "Particle Aspects of Thermal Quantum Fields" from the Leverhulme Trust from 1st April 2009 for 3yrs. The grant will fund a studentship These grants are higly competitive and WIMCS congratulates Dr Jaekel on his success.

10 March 2009
EPSRC Maths of Life Workshop: Call for Attendees

Applications are invited to attend a workshop exploring the interface between mathematical sciences and a range of disciplines In a joint activity, the Cross-Disciplinary Interfaces programme (C-DIP) and the Mathematical Sciences programme are holding a workshop focusing on novel cross-disciplinary research, new thinking and opportunities, and would like to invite applications from individuals to attend. Participants will be encouraged to look at this from a holistic perspective, examining emerging research practices and the combined role of scientists in the potential transformation of these practices. Outputs from the event will be used to provide possible topics for a five day sandpit workshop to be held in July 2009. The closing date for applications is midday on 16th April 2009. For more information please follow the link: http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/CallsForProposals/MathsOfLife.htm

23 February 2009
National Science and Engineering Week: 6 - 15 March 2009

Ten day celebration of science, engineering and technology coordinated by the British Science Association Last year around 1.4 million people attended over 3,500 events across the UK and this year the British Science Association aims to make it even bigger! National Science and Engineering Week runs from 6 - 15 March 2009 and is made possible by the hard work and effort of hundreds of event organisers around the country. Funding is provided by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) in partnership with the Engineering Technology Board (ETB). There is now an online forum to celebrate National Science and Engineering Week called Change Exchange? which can be found at www.changeexchange.org.uk. The forum aims to allow people of all ages to talk directly to the UK's scientists and engineers on any topic. For more information about events and activities in your area please visit http://www.britishscienceassociation.org/web/nsew/

13 February 2009
Swansea University launches Discover! Saturday Club

A new science club for girls was launched recently in Swansea Discover! is an exciting six week series of hands-on science activities for girls in years 9 and 10. Funded by the Welsh Assembly Goverment through WISE (Women into Science, Engineering and Construction), the scheme aims to encourage girls to stick with studying maths and physics and to consider future careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM subjects) and construction, which they have traditionally rejected. The activities are designed to enthuse participants as well as to help dispel gender stereotypes. The format for Discover! is modelled on the successful programme run for serveral years at Cardiff University. The Swansea programme will include insights into Ice and Oceans, Human Computing and The Stuff of Life. For more information, please contact Dr Rosie Plummer (email: r.m.plummer@swansea.ac.uk, tel: 01792 513479).

04 February 2009
Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclass - Saturday 7th February 2009 at Swansea University

Adverse weather conditions The weather forecast for Saturday 7th February is currently reasonable and the class will not therefore be postponed. If the weather forecast is wrong and the conditions make travel dangerous, please do not attempt to attend the masterclass.

27 January 2009
125th Anniversary Cardiff Distinguished Speaker Lecture to be delivered by Percy Deift on March 18th 2009

Percy Deift (Courant Institute) will deliver Cardiff 125th Anniversary Distinguished Visitor's Lecture in Cardiff on 18 March, followed by a reception. Details at http://www.cf.ac.uk/maths/newsandevents/events/seminars/colloquium/ All are welcome!

27 January 2009
Inaugural Meeting of MOPNET 30/31st March 2009 Cardiff

The Meeting Zero of MOPNET - new EPSRC operator pencils network - will be in Cardiff on 30-31 March. All new members are cordially invited, and we hope to have some funding available for WIMCS participants. Details at http://mopnet.cf.ac.uk

27 January 2009
Analysis Cluster Workshop 11th Feb Cardiff

5th WIMCS Analysis Workshop "Operators on domains with infinite ends". Cardiff, 11 February. Speakers: P Exner (Prague), P Duclos (Marseilles/Toulon), L Parnovski (UCL), M Marletta (Cardiff). We plan to start lunch at midday, with lectures from 1pm to about 5:30pm. Full timetable and talk titles available early February. Also, Pavel Exner kindly agreed to have a Q&A session on European Research Council, http://erc.europa.eu/index.cfm (of which he is the only member-mathematician) - so please prepare your European funding questions in advance! This session will start after the meeting and is expected to last about 30 mins.

27 January 2009
Two lectures by the Maths Physics Cluster Visiting WIMCS Lecturer Dr Joost Slingerland

Thursday 12th February Mathematical Physics Seminar, School of Mathematics, Cardiff University 3.00pm Title: TBA Friday 13th February, Theoretical Physics Seminar, Department of Physics, Swansea University 2.00 pm Title: TBA Dr Slingerland is currently working on topological phenomena in condensed matter physics and on their application to quantum computing Further details from his website http://www.stp.dias.ie/~slingerland/

19 January 2009
Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses in Swansea

Launch of a new series of mathematics masterclasses in Wales On Saturday 17th January 2009, a new series of mathematics masterclasses for gifted and talented pupils of mathematics from schools in Swansea and Carmarthenshire was launched by Dr Sara Santos, Clothworkers' Fellow in Mathematics, the Royal Institution. The presentation intrigued and challenged pupils from years 9 and 10 by looking at what happens if Alice [from Lewis Carroll's classic book] takes a magic trip inside a conic arrangement of mirrors. The series of masterclasses is supported by WIMCS, the RI, Swansea and Swansea Metropolitan Universities. For more information, please visit the Schools page.

13 January 2009
WIMCS MathsPhysics Cluster Lectures

Professor Tim Porter (Bangor, Wales) will give four hours of talks on the afternoons of Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 January at the School of Mathematics, Cardiff Tuesday 2.30 -3.30 and 4.00 - 5.00 Wednesday 1.30 - 2.30 and 3.30 - 4.30 Room : TBA Title: Categorification and bundles. The aim of the talks will be to illustrate some of the aspects of categorification in the case of bundles. This will lead from bundles and vector bundles via sheaves to stacks, gerbes, 2-bundles and eventually to 2-vector bundles. On the way I hope to indicate some of the links with higher category theory and non-Abelian cohomology.

07 January 2009
Aberystwyth Annual Meeting 2008

Some photos of this highly successful and enjoyable meeting held in December can be viewed by following Annual Meeting link on home page More than 50 mathematicians and scientists attended the 3 day event

07 January 2009
2008 Schools Photo Competition

The prize has not been awarded as no entries have been received

10 November 2008
Aberystwyth Mathematics Club

A new mathematics club for students and teachers The main aim of the recently launched Aberystwyth Mathematics Club is to provide students and teachers with enjoyable and stimulating mathematics to study. The topics are related to what is studied at school or college but go beyond the typical syllabus. For more information follow the http://www.aber.ac.uk/maps/amc/en/index.php link.

23 October 2008
UK Mathematics Trust Senior Team Maths Challenge regional final at Cardiff University on 24th November 2008

The UKMT (UK Mathematics Trust) in conjunction with WIMCS is hosting a regional final of the 2008/09 Senior Team Maths Challenge at Cardiff University, November 24th, 4 - 7 p.m. The Senior Team Maths Challenge is a team competition for students in years 11, 12 and 13, testing mathematical, communication and teamwork skills. For more details and bookings see www.mathcomp.leeds.ac.uk and follow the link for the Senior Team Challenge. The local WIMCS organiser is Professor Paul Harper (harper@cf.ac.uk )

07 October 2008
BBC4 launched a four part series on the History of Maths on 6 Oct at 9pm

BBC4 has a new series of 4 programmes exploring the history of mathematics. The presenter is Professor Marcus du Sautoy The first programme was on 6th October and will be on weekly on Monday nights at 9pm For more details see http://www3.open.ac.uk/media/fullstory.aspx?id=14437

01 October 2008
Welsh Maths Week Lecture - Oct 8th - Mathematics, Magic and the Electric Guitar

On Wednesday 8th October 2008 at 2pm during Welsh Maths Week Dr David Acheson will give a talk entitled 'Mathematics, Magic and the Electric Guitar' It is aimed at 15-18 year olds and will be in Faraday Lecture Theatre, Swansea University For further information and to reserve places contact Jane Barham, Dept of Mathematics j.d.barham@swansea.ac.uk

23 September 2008
EPSRC call for 7 postdoctoral mathematics fellowships closes 30th September

If you have not already done so you might care to check out details of fellowships to be awarded in Mathematical Sciences at http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/CMSWeb/Downloads/Calls/PostdoctoralFellowshipsCall2008.pdf

16 September 2008
WIMCS Annual Meeting

WIMCS will hold its annual meeting this year at Aberystwyth from 15-17th December All cluster members are welcome Further details can be found here

09 September 2008
STEM Directory - Mathematics

The 'STEM Directory - Mathematics' is now available listing resources, events, awards and clubs for teachers and students in the UK The STEM Directory - Mathematics is an outstanding resource for teachers and students which gives up to date information on and links for mathematics resources, events, competitions/awards, clubs and work related offerings throughout the UK. Published in September 2008, it can be downloaded from www.stemdirectories.org. It has been produced by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) and the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

05 September 2008
Seventh National Cipher Challenge

The seventh National Cipher Challenge for schools opens on 25th September 2008 Join George Scovell and the Duke of Wellingington in their fight to eject Napoleon's army from Portugal and Spain. The University of Southampton's Seventh National Cipher Challenge begins on 25th September 2008 and closes on 1st January 2009. With a downloadable Teachers' Pack this fun activity is a must for secondary schools. Visit the website to find out more - www.cipher.maths.soton.ac.uk/challenge.html

02 September 2008
Computational Modelling Seminar at Swansea at 2.30pm on 16 Sept 2008 by Prof R Lohner

Professor Rainald Lohner, Distinguished Professor of Fluid Dynamics at George Mason University USA, will deliver a seminar entitled 'Clinically Relevant Computional Haemodynamics' at Schhool of Engineering Swansea at 2.30pm on Tuesday 16th September 2008. Further details from k.morgan@swansea.ac.uk

15 August 2008
The Royal Society Partnership Grants Scheme

An opportunity for scientists, engineers and teachers to bid for up to £3000 funding for an inspiring schools project Up £3000 per project is offered by the Royal Society to support teachers, scientists and engineers to work together on inspiring projects. The projects allow teachers to increase their scientific knowledge and give scientists and engineers the opportunity to engage with enquiring young minds. The closing date for the next round of applications for the Partnership Grants scheme is 7 November 2008. If you are interested in finding out more including details of projects already being funded, follow the link tohttp://royalsociety.org/partnership.

13 August 2008
Fractional Flows Workshop sponsored by WIMCS 18-19th Sept 2008

WIMCS is sponsoring with the Warwick Mathematics Research Centre a 2 day conference on 18/19th September 2008 at the Mathematics Institute Warwick. For further details please contact Professor Niels Jacob, Swansea

07 August 2008
Royal Academy of Engineering call for their Visiting Fellow Scheme deadline 31 Oct 08

For details see http://www.raeng.org.uk/research/researcher/dvfs/

07 August 2008
WIMCS Probability Colloquium Friday Oct 17th 2008 at Swansea

The Colloquium will take place in the Seminar Room (Room 224) of the Maths Dept of Swansea University on the 17th October 2008 Speakers will be: 15:00 Professor K.-Th. Sturm (Bonn) Optimal Transportation and heat flow on singular spaces. 16:30 Professor M. Ledoux (Toulouse) Markov operators, classical orthogonal polynomial

29 July 2008
The 2008 South West and South Wales Regional Meeting of LMS and 2 day Workshop on Calculation of Variations and Nonlinear PDEs will be held at Swansea 15-17th Sept 2008

This event is locally organised by Prof V Liskevich, Prof K Zhang, Dr E Crooks, and Dr V Moroz. For further details see http://www-maths.swan.ac.uk/staff/vm/LMS-regional/

29 July 2008
Summer School on Nonlinear Parabolic Equations and Applications

This event was supported in part by WIMCS and organised by Prof V Liskevich, Prof N Jacob and Dr V Moroz. For a picture and details please go to http://www-maths.swan.ac.uk/staff/vm/LMS/

22 July 2008
WIMCS Director to give IMS Medallion Lecture in 2010

Professor Terry Lyons, WIMCS Director, has been invited to give an IMS Medallion Lecture at the Stochastic Processes and their Applications meeting in Osaka, Japan in September 2010.

01 July 2008
EPSRC Announces New Call for Fellowships in Mathematical and Computational Sciences

EPSRC has announced that it will award at least 7 new Fellowships in Mathematics, 5 in Computational Sciences, and about 10 in Life Sciences (including Mathematicians working at an interface with the Life Sciences). Closing date is 30th September. Further details at http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/CallsForProposals/PostdoctoralFellowshipsCall2008.htm

01 July 2008
Johnny Ball presents Mathematical challenge to Welsh pupils

From Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th June 2008, Johnny Ball - the well known BBC Children's TV presenter and writer of 'funtastic' mathematics - gave the inaugural WIMCS Annual Lectures at four Welsh Universities: Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea. Pupils from years 10, 11 and 12 from schools across Wales attended the lecture entitled Wobbling on the Shoulders of Giants. The lecture was accompanied by a masterclass and a mathematics challenge competition with prizes ranging from iPod Nanos to book tokens for the winning teams. Photos of the Swansea event can be found at http://www-maths.swan.ac.uk/challenge.html. Johnny gave an entertaining insight into how the Egyptians wove beautiful mathematics into the building of their pyramids, how Galileo explored parabolic curves by studying the path of a cannon ball and how Archimedes worked out the volume of a sphere. With interesting props, audience interaction and musical interludes, Johnny gave a very positive message to young people on the future of science and mathematics and on how anyone with an aptitude could play a part in discovering novel solutions. The lectures ended somewhat controversially on the subject of climate change - myth or fact? - with Johnny firmly on the side of myth. A fuller and more balanced exploration of the research on climate change can be found on The Royal Society's website (http://royalsociety.org) where the links for 'Is global warming a swindle?' and 'Climate change controversies: a simple guide' bring together the cutting edge of scientific research on climate change issues. The Royal Society, the national academy of science in the UK and the Commonwealth, is an independent charitable body. Many schools entered teams into the mathematics challenge competition and according to Professor Aubrey Truman, Head of Mathematics at Swansea University, the quality of entries was outstanding. The prizes for this year’s lectures were sponsored by the Admiral Group plc, Blackwell, HBOS plc, and Waterstones. An interview with Johnny Ball on this year's lectures is available at http://www.thisissouthwales.co.uk/new/util/content.jsp?id=20954504. For more information about this year’s Annual Lectures, call Alison Braddock, WIMCS Outreach Coordinator, on 01792 602855, or email: outreachcoordinator@wimcs.ac.uk. ? Mathematical Physics Cluster Gathering 05 March 2008 Sefydliad Gwyddorau Mathemategol a Chyfrifiannol Cymru Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences Mathematical Physics Cluster Gathering Wednesday 5th March 2008, Swansea University Room 516, Vivian Building Department of Physics, School of Physical Sciences Programme 16.15 – 16.30 Professor Terry Lyons FRS (Director of WIMCS) Overview and vision of WIMCS 16.30 -16.40 Professor David E Evans (Cardiff Mathematics) 16.40 -16.50 Dr Edwin Beggs (Swansea Mathematics) 16.50 -17.00 Professor Tomasz Brzezinski (Swansea Mathematics) 17.00 -17.10 Dr Grigory Garkusha (Swansea Mathematics) 17.10 -17.20 Dr Rolf Gohm (Aberystwyth Mathematics) 17.20 -17.35 Dr Asad Naqvi (Swansea Physics) 17.35- 17.50 Dr Biagio Lucini (Swansea Physics) Click here for more details

27 February 2008
One Day Workshop on Higher Order Methods in Computational Science and Engineering

Recently, funding has been awarded by WIMCS to organize a 1-day workshop on higher order methods in Computational Science and Engineering at Swansea University. The workshop aims to stimulate discussion between industry and academia and highlight some of the challenges of using higher order methods for the simulation of industrially relevant problems in engineering and the physical sciences. Additional support has also been provided by the School of Engineering, Swansea University. For further details please go to http://engweb.swan.ac.uk/~cgledger/hpworkshop.htm.

01 February 2008
RIGHT: Research Into Global Healthcare Tools

£1.1M EPSRC Grant Award (logo) As the NHS rises to the challenge of treating more patients within tighter financial constraints, Professor Paul Harper (WIMCS Research Chair in Operational Research, Cardiff University), together with other investigators from Brunel, Cambridge and Southampton, has won a £1.1M EPSRC grant for research into modelling healthcare delivery processes. The RIGHT (Research Into Global Healthcare Tools) project will to develop a framework toolkit that will enable healthcare professionals and managers to select appropriate mathematical modelling and simulation methods to support their decision-making. Healthcare provision, which enables people to use effective processes and make the best of available technology, is still very difficult to design. In other sectors, simulation and modelling are often used to explore options and iron out procedural difficulties, while the same techniques may be used again to train staff and roll-out the final service. Healthcare has traditionally taken a more practice-based approach although much of the industrial process thinking that underpins process simulation in other sectors is now familiar throughout the NHS. RIGHT aims to classify the needs of decision-makers as they set about designing their service provision, and to match those needs to the nature of the result they want and to the resources they may have in terms of data, expertise, time on the one hand, and to the available modelling methods on the other. A framework that connects user needs to user resources and available modelling tools is a new idea and it is hoped that it will provide invaluable assistance to workers at all levels in the NHS – from those engage in delivery through to planners and policy-makers. Although only a 2-year feasibility programme, RIGHT is taking a pragmatic approach, with a tool-kit as a hard output. It also aims to work with a variety of stakeholders who have defined a set of initial exemplars, including Informing Healthcare, based in Wales, who recently funded a RIGHT workshop in Bridgend to discuss modelling of telemedicine resources for South Wales Cancer Care Network. RIGHT has also partners with commercial companies of different sized to ensure that the tools developed within RIGHT will have rapid access to markets – in the form of consultancy or simulation services. To move quickly while establishing consensus, RIGHT plans to run internal conferences at six month intervals, attended by the university staff engaged in the research, NHS collaborators, and other interested parties to disseminate findings, discuss results, synthesise conclusions and review the next phase of research. Broadly speaking, the first year will consist of information gathering – from written sources and also from a wide range of experts – while the second year will focus on some hands-on simulation to evaluate the problems and the potential impact of the prospective methods identified in the first half of the programme. For the team, the award is a major step forward. While each has experience of healthcare modelling – and there are many published examples of studies of hospitals and other delivery environments – this is a unique opportunity to set simulation and mathematical modelling on a new footing.

01 February 2008
Science and Innovation Award

Southampton to develop world-leading work in the field of Operational Research. A £13M initiative brings Cardiff University together with the Universities of Lancaster, Nottingham and Southampton to develop world-leading work in the field of Operational Research. Operational Research uses advanced analytical methods, including mathematical and computer modelling, to arrive at the best solutions to complex problems. It is widely used in healthcare, industry, finance and defence. Operational Research techniques are used, for example, in airport scheduling, road traffic management, freight logistics and numerous other areas of modern life. The initiative by the four Universities - together known as ‘LANCS’ - is supported with a Science and Innovation Award from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). This is the third such award won by Cardiff. LANCS will bring about a significant expansion of the national research base in Operational Research to build new research capacity and help UK industry to compete in the global market. Professor Russell Davies, Head of the Cardiff School of Mathematics said: “This far-sighted initiative aims to establish theoretical advances in the field relevant to real applications. In the LANCS initiative, four universities including Cardiff at the forefront of UK research in Operational Research have committed to a major expansion of research capacity in its theoretical foundations, supported by the additional resources available as a result of this current Science and Innovation award.” Professor Jeff Griffiths, the lead person in Cardiff’s bid, said “I have been working in the field of Operational Research since 1961, and it is a pleasure to record that OR has at last been recognised in this way as a vital contributor to the economy and the country’s industrial base. This is by far the largest grant that has ever been awarded in UK for OR. The input to OR in Cardiff will be in excess of £3M, and this will enable us to appoint several new lecturers, post docs, and PhD students in order to sustain capacity and maintain Cardiff’s reputation as a leading centre. EPSRC is keen to maintain the UK’s lead in this field and to build on the existing research base. The overall funding is worth over £13M, to be shared among the four participating institutions. Of this, £5.4M comes from EPSRC and over £7M from the universities themselves in matching funding.” Science and Innovation Awards were introduced by EPSRC in 2005 to support strategically important areas of research. The latest grant will create a new centre of OR activity that will have the critical mass to make substantial progress, stimulating research in the UK and international community, and encouraging innovation in UK business and industry. Science and Innovation Awards were introduced by EPSRC in 2005 to support strategically important areas of research. The latest grant will create a new centre of OR activity that will have the critical mass to make substantial progress, stimulating research in the UK and international community, and encouraging innovation in UK business and industry.

05 November 2007
Bright future predicted for Philip Leverhulme Prize winner

Professor Sondipon Adhikari (pictured), Chair of Aerospace Engineering in the School of Engineering, has been awarded one of this year's Philip Leverhulme Prizes, which carry a value of £70,000 over two years. (img) adhikari_leverhulmeProfessor Sondipon Adhikari (pictured), Chair of Aerospace Engineering in the School of Engineering, has been awarded one of this year's Philip Leverhulme Prizes, which carry a value of £70,000 over two years. Around 25 Philip Leverhulme Prizes are awarded each year, to commemorate the contribution to the work of the Trust made by Philip Leverhulme, the Third Viscount Leverhulme and grandson of the Trust's founder. The Prizes are among the most prestigious academic awards for researchers under the age of 36, who have made a substantial and recognised contribution to their particular field of study; who are recognised at an international level; and whose future contributions are held to be of high promise. Professor Adhikari, aged 34, is currently an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) advanced research fellow. He has published more than 100 papers and reports on his research interests, which include structural dynamics, computational probabilistic mechanics, stochastic nanomechanics, random matrices, uncertainty quantification and model validation of complex dynamical systems, experimental modal analysis, structural reliability and risk analysis, uncertainty in wind energy production, structural damping and earthquake engineering. Professor Adhikari's current work is focused on making computer code outputs more credible by managing uncertainty with the predictions. He has made significant contributions in the general multidisciplinary area of probabilistic engineering mechanics. And his work on uncertainty prediction in wind energy production would have significant practical impact on renewable energy and sustainable development. Professor Adhikari is an international authority on the uncertainty quantification in the prediction of numerical models of complex engineering dynamical systems. He has also made major contributions in system identification methods, vibration of pile-supported structures in liquefiable soil during strong earthquakes, material damping modelling, and sensitivity analysis of dynamical systems. Speaking about his delight at being chosen to receive the award, Professor Adhikari said: "I am honoured to have been awarded one of this year's Philip Leverhulme Prizes, which are highly sought-after. "This award will allow me to develop probabilistic analysis algorithms for complex engineering systems. The freedom associated with this award means that I will be able to do more fundamental works, which may not be always possible with other research grants." Congratulating Professor Adhikari on his achievement, Professor Javier Bonet, Head of the School of Engineering at Swansea University, said: "We are all absolutely delighted that Professor Adhikari has been recognised with this prestigious award. "His appointment to Engineering earlier this year further strengthens the research carried out in the field of Aerospace Engineering by our academic team in the 5* RAE rated Civil and Computational Research Centre." Further information: Swansea University School of Engineering The Leverhulme Trust

18 December 2006
Institute Launch

The Wales Institute for Mathematical and Computational Sciences (WIMCS) was formally launched on Monday 18th December 2006. The Wales Institute for Mathematical and Computational Sciences (WIMCS) was formally launched on Monday 18th December 2006. The ceremony was officially opened by Professor Sir Michael Atiyah, OM, PPRS, PRSE, followed by a Reception and Dinner in the evening. The following morning Professor Brian Davies, FRS (Kings College London) and Professor David Elworthy (Warwick) gave the inaugural lectures, entitled "Non Self-adjoint Operators and Pseudospectra" and "Geometric Stochastic Analysis on Path Spaces", respectively.

Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computatuional Sciences