Third LMS-Bath-WIMCS Analysis Day at Cardiff on 25th September

Second LMS-Bath-WIMCS Analysis Day 27th May at Aberystwyth Details at

Thursday 21st May Talk at Cardiff School of Maths by Professor Neil Sloane FLSW (Rutgers and OEIS) titled: My Favourite Integer Sequences, or, Confessions of a Sequence Addict

The Wales Mathematical Colloquium at Gregynog will be from 18th-20th May




First LMS-Bath-WIMCS Analysis Day 20th March at Swansea




The Huxley Meeting on Analytic Number Theory 17-19th September, Cardiff University

Full details here


Meeting of Early Career Researchers (Analysis Cluster) in Swansea on 24th September


Wales Mathematics Colloquium 19th - 21st May at Gregynog Hall

The Invited Speakers were: Professor Simon Blackburn (Royal Holloway, London), Dr Christina Cobbold (Glasgow)


Workshop on Innovations in HE Mathematics Teaching 7th and 8th July 2014, Cardiff University  Full details here


Meeting on Applied Analysis in Aberystwyth on 7th May


British Applied Maths Colloquium from 28-30th April at Cardiff - Details can be found here


Meeting on Linear Nonlinear Interface (Analysis Cluster) in Cardiff on Wednesday 15th January (


Workshop on Combinatorial Physics - Cardiff 17-19th December


Optimal Decisions in Statistics and Data Analysis: A conference on the occasion of the 60th Birthday of Professor Anatoly Zhigljavsky

Cardiff 16-18th December


WIMCS-LMS Conference: Classifying Structures for Operator Algebras and Dynamical Systems at Aberystwyth 16-20th September

   Details at


WIMCS Mathematical Physics Colloquium Prof. Akitaka Kishimoto (Hokkaido)Title: Maximality of the analytic subalgebras of C* -algebras with flows. Tue 24 September 3.10pm Cardiff Mathematics Rm 2.06


Memorial Meeting to Professor Vitali Liskevich: Semigroup Theory and Nonlinear PDEs at Swansea 27-28th September

    Speakers include: Michiel van den Berg (Bristol)Brian Davies (London)Yuri Netrusov (Bristol)Michael Röckner (Bielefeld)Peter Stollmann (Chemnitz)Hendrik Vogt (Hamburg)Jürgen Voigt (Dresden)

    Details at


WIMCS Probability Colloquium Prof. Masatoshi Fukishima (Osaka) Title: On Browning notion with darning for multiply connected planar domains. Mon 30 September 4pm Faraday 'C' Swansea


Strong Fields, Strings and Holography Conference at Swansea 16-19th July

    Details at


Memorial Meeting to mark the life and work of Professor Michael Eastham, FRSE : Spectral Analysis and Differential Equations at  Cardiff 1-2nd July

   Details at


The Gregynog Mathematics Colloquium from 20-22nd May - Guest Speakers: Prof Brian Davies, King's College London and Prof Sofya Olhede, University College London


Joint Workshop with the Hartree Centre titled Challenges and Opportunities in Computational Modelling at Swansea on Tuesday 14th May        Programme Details here


Distinguished Lecture by Sir Vaughan Jones: 'Flatland, a Great Place to do Algebra' on Tuesday 16th April, 2013 in the Wallace Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University

WIMCS Operator Algebras Workshop at Swansea 12-13 April 2013
Speakers : Vaughan Jones (Vanderbilt), Tomasz Brzezinski (Swansea), Gwion Evans (Aber),  Rolf Gohm (Aber), Robin Hillier (Cardiff), Mathew Pugh (Cardiff), Claire Shelly (Cardiff), Otogo Uuye (Cardiff)
Organizer : David Evans (Cardiff)

WIMCS Probability Colloquium on Thursday 21st March at 3pm in room 224, Talbot Building, Swansea.

The speaker is Prof Jean-Claude Zambrini, University of Lisbon whose title is Stochastic Deformation and Integrability


COW Algebraic Geometry Meetingon Friday 15th March 2013 in Room 0.40 Cardiff School of Mathematics Organizer: Dr Timothy Logvinenko (Cardiff) Speakers: Dr Alastair Craw (Bath) “Geometric Reid's recipe for dimer models”; Dr Ed Segal (Imperial)
“Mixed braid group actions from B-brane monodromy”; Dr Jeff Giansiracusa (Swansea)“Scheme-theoretic tropical geometry”


Dissipative Spectral Theory: Operator Theory, PDEs and Numerics Conference from 7-10 January 2013 at Cardiff

This significant conference generously supported by the Leverhulme Trust and WIMCS will be held in Cardiff Maths. Speakers include:
D. Bindel (Cornell University); G. Bouchitte (University de Toulon); D. Damanik (Rice University); D. Dauge (University de Rennes 1); M. Embree (Rice University); R. Hempel (Technical University of Braunschweig); H. Langer (Technical University of Vienna); M. Lindner (Hamburg University of Technology); B. Mityagin (Ohio State University); D. Peterseim (Humboldt University Berlin); R. Shterenberg (University of Alabama at Birmingham); V. Smyshlyaev (University College London); L.N. Trefethen (University of Oxford); V. Zhikov (Vladimir State University); E. Zuazua (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics)

Details here



  1. 1 November 2012 WIMCS Probability Colloquium at Swansea Prof Nicolas Bouleau, ENPC, Paris on 'Chaotic Extensions and a particle method for Brownian Motion'.


  3. 27 September 2012 LANCS and WIMCS Workshop on Modern Trends in Queueing Theory,  Cardiff.


  5. 3-7 September 2012 Midlands Regional Workshop on Quantum Distributional Symmetries, Aberystwyth. Joint Meeting of Stochastics and Mathematical Physics Cluster - see below. Speakers Prof G Mitchison (Cambridge), Prof R Speicher (Kingston, Canada and Saarbruecken), Prof M Christandl (ETH Zurich), Prof M Izumi (Kyoto), Prof D-V Voiculescu (UC Berkeley). g . Details here Programme Details here


  6. 4 September 2012

         South West PDE Day at Cardiff. Invited Speakers Gui-Quiang Chen (Oxford), Isaac Vikram Chenchiah (Bristol), Roger Moser (Bath), Matteo Novaga (Padua), and Kewei Zhang (Swansea). Details here


    27 August -1 September 2012

         Summer School on Quantum Information, Computing and Control (QuICC) sponsored by Imperial College London's Centre for Doctoral 

         Training  on Controlled Quantum Dynamics with funding from EPSRC

         Details here


    25-26 June

         LMS-WIMCS Wiener-Hopf Workshop at Aberystwyth

         Details here Programme here

  7. 18-22 June
  8.      Erasmus Programme at Swansea
  9.      Dr Zoltan Sasvari (Dresden): Multidimensional characteristic functions and applications in probability
  10. .
  11. 24-25 May
  12.      LMS-WIMCS Analysis of Quantum Systems and Control Workshop at Aberystwyth

         Details here

    21-23 May

         WIMCS Wales Mathematics Colloquium at Gregynog

         Details here

    8 - 11 May

  13.      WIMCS-Leverhulme Conference on Spectral Theory at Cardiff
  14.      Details here
  15. 10 May
    1.      WIMCS Probability Colloquium, Swansea. Speaker: Prof N Bouleau (Paris).
        1.      Details here

  17. 23-27 April Erasmus Programme Lectures Swansea
  18.       Prof Alexandr Bendikov (Wroclaw): Harmonic analysis on locally compact abelian group and applications in probability.
  19.       Ivan Panin (St Petersburg): Category of K motives and its relation to the convolution multiplication of kernel operators
  20.       Victoria Knopova (Dresden): Compound kernel estimates for Levy and Levy-type processes.


18 April  LSW Frontiers Distinguished Lecture and Isaac Newton Institute 20th Anniversary Lecture:

      Alain Connes (College de France, IHES and Vanderbilt). Click here for more information


17 April  LSW Frontiers Distinguished Lecture

      Lyn Evans (CERN).   Click here for more information


16-20 April INI-WIMCS Meeting on Noncommutative Geometry




13/14th October Stochastics Cluster Colloquium, Swansea. Details here


13th October Mathematical Physics Cluster Colloquium, Cardiff Dr Raymond Russell, CORVIL 'Measuring Entropy - from Statistical Mechanics to Latency Management'


6th/7th October WIMCS Stochastics Workshop, Swansea Pseudo Differential Operators and Markov Processes Speakers: Michael Ruzhansky (Imperial), David Applebaum (Sheffield), Veronique Fischer (Kings College London),Tom Koerner (Cambridge)


5th/7th September WIMCS Domain X Workshop, Swansea Details here


17th June WIMCS Workshop on Fractional Calculus and Random Processes, Swansea Details here


3rd June WIMCS Probability Colloquium, Swansea Details here


23-25th May WIMCS Wales Mathematics Colloquium, Gregynog Speakers Professor Jon Keating, Bristol, Professor Gui-Qiang Chen, Oxford, Professor Caroline Series, Warwick Details here


20th MayWIMCS Analysis Cluster Workshop: "Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear PDEs" Swansea


9-10th May WIMCS Workshop on Higher Gauge Theory, TQFT’s and Categorification, Cardiff Organisers: Tim Porter (Bangor) Speakers include: * Aristide Baratin (Orsay, Paris) * Benjamin Bahr (Cambridge) * Jeffrey Giansiracusa (Bath) * Alexander Kahle (Göttingen) *


2-3rd May WIMCS Workshop on Representations of Braid and Symmetric Groups - New Approaches, Aberystwyth Details here 


20-21st April WIMCS Workshop on Quantum Field Theory, Cardiff Details here


4-8th April WIMCS/Isaac Newton Institute Meeting, Swansea: Computational Challenges in Partial Differential Equations Details here

11th March WIMCS HMC2 Workshop Day, Glamorgan Modelling with System Dynamics: Making Sense of a Complex World Details here


3-4th March WIMCS Stochastic Cluster Meeting, Swansea: Levy Processes in Noncommutative Geometry II Details here


28th January WIMCS/ HMC2 Lecture, Swansea Dr Anthony Wierzbicki, Kings College, London: Lipids and Cardiometabolic Prevention 


17th January Learned Society Lecture, Cardiff hosted by WIMCS Sir Michael Atiyah, Edinburgh Geometry and Physics: Past, Present and Future




20-22nd December WIMCS Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker Prof L Mahadevan, Harvard Details here


18-20th December WIMCS/Cardiff/LMS Meeting New Trends in Spectral Theory and Applications Details here


3rd December Visit of Ms Lesley Griffiths, Deputy Minister Science, Innovation and Skills to WIMCS at Swansea.


28th June Learned Society Lecture, Cardiff hosted by WIMCS Professor Dan-Virgil Voiculescu University of California, Berkeley Details here


28th-29th June WIMCS/LMS Workshop, Aberystwyth Wiener Hopf Techniques and Applications Details here


24th-26th May WIMCS Wales Mathematics Colloquium, Gregynog Speakers Philip Maini (Oxford) Peter Clarkson (Kent) Dan Archdeacon (Vermont)  Details here


19th May Stochastics Differential Equations Workshop, Swansea Details here


30th April Wales Analysis Meeting, Swansea: Regularity Issues of Nonlinear PDE Details here


12-16th April LMS Invited Lectures hosted by WIMCS at Swansea Prof. Maury Bramson, University of Minnesota Details here


26th March Probability Colloquium, Swansea: Levy Processes in Non-Commutative Probability Details here


26th February WIMCS Maths Physics Cluster Colloquium on 26th Feb 2010 in Dept of Physics Swansea Speakers Professor Marcos Marino (Geneva) and Professor Richard Thomas (Imperial) 


24th February WIMCS Analytical Computational Mathematics Day, Cardiff Details here


18-19th January WIMCS Meeting Swansea Feynman Path Integrals and their Applications Details here




14-16th December WIMCS Annual Meeting, Swansea Details here


22-23rd October WIMCS Probability Workshop in honour of Prof Mu-Fa Chen, Beijing Normal University Information here


21-22nd October WIMCS Stochastic Cluster Meeting, Aberystwyth: Stochastic Processes at Quantum Level Details here


23rd September WIMCS/CFMS Workshop on Medial Axial Technology


3-4th September Lattice Bolzmann Workshop, Cardiff supported by WIMCS Details here


29-1st July Spectral Theory, Quantum Chaos and Random Matrix Workshop, Cardiff supported by WIMCS


26-29th May WIMCS Lectures and Workshop by Prof R Schilling, Dresden


Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computatuional Sciences