In Autumn 2013 WIMCS was again successful in its application for funding from the Welsh Government through the National Science Academy (NSA) to enable the subsidised delivery of its Roadshow 'Maths Apps'. The 50 minute 'Maths Apps' Roadshow was developed with our partner Science Made Simple with EPSRC funding. It is Wales centric and focuses on 5 individuals working in Wales and the jobs they do. In filmed interviews they explain why Maths is important to their work and the Science Made Simple presenter reinforces the Maths messages in interactive demonstrations that use practical applications of Maths. The jobs are wide-ranging - from running one's own business, to sports science, to hospital radiology, to developing computer games, to vehicle design. Science Made Simple will be presenting the Roadshow at 32 schools during 2014 across Wales. The Roadshow is currently only available in English.


Link to the publicity poster english cymraeg


Four follow up 'worksheets' to the Maths Apps Roadshow can be downloaded here here here here


The Roadshow worksheets in Welsh are available for downloading here here here here


More information can be found by going to the Science Made Simple webpages here and following link




Information on a broad range of careers is here. Try the links too to Science and Technology.


Maths Careers is an excellent website specifically for those who enjoy mathematics


  • FutureMorph is also good. They also have some interesting interactive games to help students the kind of work that might suit them. Why not try this game?



Maths Puzzles


There are lots of websites with maths games and puzzles. Here are a few links to individual ones:


From nrichPeaches             Missing Multipliers                                                                                   


  • From Queen Mary, Univ of London Sodaracing (beware addictive)                                               


  • A good portal to other fun maths websites is this wimcs page  


Our Partners



  • Thinking about doing a STEM degree?

We suggest you think about whether a Further Maths A Level would be appropriate. Our partners The Further Maths Support Programme Wales can help, and in the pilot area of South West Wales they offer not only revision sessions but full tuition to students at schools not offering Further Maths as an A-level. The Welsh Government is currently considering ways to extend the tuition support to all schools and students that want it right across Wales.

To find out more follow the support available go to the FMSP pages here and read the paragraph below.



The Department for Education and Skills, the Welsh Government, is funding a Further Maths Support Programme (FMSP) pilot in Wales. As part of the FMSP Wales pilot Mathematics in Education and Industry working with WIMCS is now offering free single-user teacher access to MEI's extensive online Further Mathematics resources known as Integral. The resources cover all four English Further Mathematics specifications (AQA, Edexcel, MEI and OCR) and WJEC specifications (bilingual) are also available. The resources include all of the AS/A level Further Pure modules and almost all of the AS/A level applied mathematics modules. They also include materials to support the principal learning mathematics unit within the Level 3 Engineering Diploma.

To access the online resources for Further Mathematics, follow this link. It takes around 2 weeks for the process to be completed. For more information on the FMSP Wales please look on the website link or email FMSP.


The Faculty of Advanced Technology at the University of South Wales offers a range of maths events for schools and colleges including maths masterclasses for years 9 and 10, revision conferences and pop quizzes. For details of events planned please e-mail Dr Mark Jones, the outreach events coordinator.

Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses in Wales

The Royal Institution of Great Britain is an umbrella organisation which supports mathematics masterclasses across the UK. The 2014 series of mathematics masterclasses for more able year 9 pupils from secondary schools in Swansea, Carmarthenshire and Neath Port Talbot is offered by the Wales Instititute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences with the support of Swansea and Swansea Metropolitan Universities. Nominations to the masterclasses are made by schools. The masterclasses take place on 6 Saturdays in the Spring Term. For programme details, venues and how to apply follow this link. For more information please email Outreach Co-ordinator. Please note that in case of severe weather conditions, you are advised not to travel unless it is safe to do so. However, every effort will be made to provide an event for those who do manage to make their way safely to the venue.

The masterclasses in North Wales are run by the University of Bangor. For further information please follow this link.

The University of South Wales runs a range of mathematics activities for schools in South East Wales including masterclasses and more information may be found here.

For more information on WIMCS's outreach activities including the mathematics masterclasses, please contact Outreach Co-ordinator. For further information on the Royal Institution and its mathematics masterclasses, please visit their website.


The Aberystwyth Mathematics Club is run by the Institute of Mathematics and Physics at Aberystwyth University. Its main aim is to provide enjoyable and stimulating mathematics to study. Membership of AMC is open to everyone who has an interest in mathematics, both students and teachers. The topics are related to those studied at school/college, but go beyond the typical syllabus. You can read and/or download our material for free; if you become a correspondent, you will receive detailed feedback on any solutions you submit. The AMC provides support in a variety of languages, including Welsh. It hopes that you will like and make use of the materials provided. You may find yourself better prepared for studying mathematics at any University, and enjoy it more as a result. The Club's activities are supported by an outreach programme of visits to schools and colleges. Further information about aims and objectives, how to join, how to access the mathematics documents, how to become a correspondent, and what outreach activities AMC runs can be found by clicking on this link.


Swansea University invites schools to visit the Egypt Centre and experience a day of 'Egyptian' maths.

An 'exhibition' on Egyptian Maths is also available to loan.


For more information visit click on this link.


Two schools roadshows have been developed in partnership with Science Made Simple, an award winning science communication company based in Cardiff, and academic staff from university mathematics departments in Wales. The aim of the roadshows is to inspire and motivate school children in Key Stage 3 (aged 11–14) and Key Stage 4 (aged 14–16) in Wales to continue to study mathematics and computational sciences at GCE A/AS and higher educational levels. The project is supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and by the Universities of Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, South Wales and Swansea, which are the partner institutions of the Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences.

The key messages we want to get across are:

  • Mathematics is fundamental for science, engineering, finance, industry and commerce.
  • A wide range of careers are open to those who study mathematics.
  • Mathematics provides key skills required at almost all levels of employment.
  • Mathematics provides individuals with empowering skills in private and social life.
  • Mathematics is a living discipline with active researchers.

The methods we have used to achieve our aim and put across the key messages are:
  • The development and delivery of a new Key Stage 3 (11-14 years old) Roadshow for schools that highlights the range of careers open to mathematicians - 'mathsapps'
  • The development and delivery of a new Key Stage 4 (14-16 years old) Roadshow for schools that illustrates how mathematics can be used to evaluate information pupils come across in everyday life. It is based on a game show approach with competing teams of pupils and is called 'I've got your number'.
  • A training programme for presenters of the roadshows.
For further information contact our outreach coordinator


WIMCS would like to draw Schools attention to the Leaders Awards. Full details can be found at Leaders Award for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). They are a fantastic way that we can increase young people's awareness of the breadth of opportunities open to them within the STEM subjects. They also help to develop vital literacy and communication skills and give students a chance to speak directly with professionals from different fields in STEM, opening their aspirations.

Students can apply to be Leaders for STEM or STEM Reporters, for both, the award is in two parts:

  • A letter of application to be written by the students to apply for the post of 'Leader for STEM' or 'STEM Reporter' in their school. You can download a letter of application template from the Leaders Award website ( to help guide you with this task.

  • To complete the award students then have the opportunity to interview professionals who work in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. There are no limits on the number of interviews any one applicant undertakes although the minimum is one.

Special Awards are offered for interviews with a particular focus and have fabulous prizes attached, from cash prizes to solar powered media players! For example, they have an NCETM Special Leaders Award, where students can win up to £100 and an NCETM Special Teachers Award, where teachers can win up to £250. They are also linked with BLOODHOUND SSC, who also sponsor a Special Award.


Interested in professional development in science?

  • making a difference to pupils’ performance in science?
  • increasing pupils’ enjoyment of science?
  • working collaboratively with other professionals in a cluster of schools?
  • identifying for yourselves what it is that you and your cluster colleagues want to develop or improve?
  • receiving financial support to develop and share expertise in teaching and learning in science?

Awards are for up to £8000 and are available in Wales.

Further details at The Enthuse Cluster Awards


This programme has now come to an end. In conjunction with its partners the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry, and with financial support from the Welsh Goverment through National Science Academy, WIMCS organised CPD events in 2011/12 for Secondary Teachers of Maths, Physics and Chemistry in Wales.

WIMCS is one of NSA's 5 partners - for link to NSA pages please click here

Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computatuional Sciences